There’s a New Edition of the Nike Roshe Run That Every Woman Needs This Summer: “Aloha Print”

The Nike Roshe Run might’ve cornered the market when it comes to dope summer and lifestyle sneakers, but that doesn’t mean Nike is ready to stop innovating. For summer this year, we’re getting an updated “Aloha Print” colorway for the ladies, and these are so hot I guarantee the fellas will be rocking them as well. Even as many women in today’s sneakerhead culture often rock the classics like the guys do, I can see this silhouette and design catching on regardless.

The latest edition of the “Aloha Print” Roshe Run will be available at Champs Sports. With summer here in all but name, don’t hit that next pool party looking out of place. The Roshe Run is THE move to make this summer specifically because of its ability to work with just about anything in your wardrobe, whether it’s something as awful as jorts or something as trendy as lightweight joggers.

Designed by Dylan Raasch and having debuted in 2012, the Roshe Run has dropped in just about every conceivable design possible. Nike has taken advantage of its blank canvas, something that came as a result of 16 outsole revisions and 50 changes to the upper during the production period. Much like the Air Force One, adidas Stan Smith, and even some new editions of the Converse Pro Leather, the intent of this shoe was to create something for sneakerheads to wear off the field, something they could wear every day and with everything.

While the Nike Air Force One was one of the most popular shoes of my childhood, there’s a chance that the Roshe Run becomes even greater. With so many different designs and colorways, collectors are constantly looking for that next big release. Like this one.

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