Wiz Khalifa’s Best Pump Up Songs

  • “Black & Yellow”

    This record catapulted Wiz into superstardom. The Pittsburgh-based record pays homage to his hometown and became the city’s anthem. Teams like the Steelers and the Pirates saluted Wiz for his hometown heroics. Even if your team doesn’t don black and yellow, from the booming Stargate beat to Wiz’s bravado, you’re going to want to put on for your teammates, coaches, family, and hometown. Just like Wiz, everything you do, you’re going to want to do it big.

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  • "We Dem Boyz”

    This sonically-charged record is built to for a team prepping to obliterate the competition. This record will band your locker room together and build the necessary camaraderie needed to ensure a victory. Backed by an infectious beat and a super energetic chant blaring through your speakers, this record will get your super hyped before game time. With that hook, “We Dem Boyz” is perfect for a football team ready to crush the opposing squad. This record should be played at high volume, ladies and gentlemen.

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  • “This Plane”

    This is vintage Wiz from his first album, Deal or No Deal. This record is perfect because it knocks and is smooth at the same time. This record has a perfect balance. You feel like nobody can kill your vibe while you prepare to soar over your adversaries. This record is perfect for hoopers who intend on flying and coasting through the competition. Whether you plan on jamming the rock like Vince Carter or weaving through the defense like Kyrie Irving, this song will get you in the mood.

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  • "Taylor Gang"

    This record is a straight heater. This is vintage Khalifa partnered with his brother from another mother, Chevy Woods. The tandem puts on for their clique and explains why it’s important to rep your team to the fullest. If you’re in need of a record to get you and your team hype before game time, play this record. It’ll signify that win or lose, you’re going to rep your squad to the fullest.

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  • "Work Hard, Play Hard"

    This was the first single to Khalifa’s sophomore endeavor with Atlantic, Rolling Papers. The infectious banger advises you to simply do what the title suggest: Work Hard, Play Hard. If you’re fighting to gain an extra yard on the trenches, or earn a huge defensive stop on the courts, you have to exude total commitment. “Go hard and make sure you do whatever you gotta do that’s your job,” boasts Khalifa on the record. If you do so, then you’ll have plenty of time to hoist your trophies at the end of the game. As long as you follow the simple guidelines advised by Wiz, you should be good to go.

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  • "We Own It"

    Wiz and 2 Chainz teamed up for the official anthem for Fast & the Furious 6 and proved to be a perfect combination. The energy level was at an all-time high. With Wiz crooning on the hook and providing a memorable verse, he reminds you that regardless of anything, you need to own the moment because it may prove to be your only shot. Just like “Work Hard, Play Hard,” it reminds you to go the extra mile regardless of the hindrances placed in front of you.

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  • "Phone Numbers"

    Wiz tapped Trae Tha Truth and Detroit’s Big Sean for his banger “Phone Numbers,” which lived off his mixtape, Cabin Fever. The hard-knocking beat teamed with several memorable verses from Sean and Trae, and it proved to be a deadly combination. This record proves to be a perfect song for those hoping for their checks to look like phone numbers. Those are a lot of numbers.

    There are apparently no clean versions available online, so vibe out to the instrumental or listen to the full song.

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  • Wiz Khalifa

For years, the city of Pittsburgh was paralyzed by the claws of mediocrity. While the Steelers were able to hoist numerous Super Bowls with Big Ben, the baseball scene seemed pretty grim. The Pirates were scrapping for wins while the cross-state Phillies were powered by the heavy bats of Ryan Howard and Chase Utley. And on the music front, Philly was dominating with the likes of Cassidy, Freeway, Young Gunz, Beanie Sigel, and more.

Now, things appear to be in reverse. The Pirates have escaped the pits of obscurity. They’ve snagged an MVP in the form of Andrew McCutchen and are in the midst of another playoff run. Their rap scene is now anchored by Mac Miller and Platinum recording artist Wiz Khalifa.

Wiz has become an indomitable presence in the music industry. His songwriting prowess and melodic hooks elevated him into stardom. Simplicity is his best friend. Listeners constantly gush every time Wiz drops a new record because he has the formula to guarantee them satisfaction.

While some adore Wiz for his ability to woo the ladies with songs like “Roll Up,” “Remember Me,” and “Promises” it’s his high-powered, bombastic records that get people going. If you need a party record, you search for him on your iPod. If you need a record to instill that sheer confidence you need to hit that buzzer-beater, you look for him. His third major label album, Blacc Hollywood, is out and proves why he’s the best at what he does.

In honor of his 27th birthday today, we are paying homage to Wiz by picking some of his best records to get a locker room hyped before a game. If you’re a real Khalifa fan or sports junkie, some of these records shouldn’t surprise you at all. If you aren’t, grab a pen and paper, because you’ll see why these records are some of your favorite athletes go-to joints. Here are Wiz Khalifa’s Best Pump Up Songs.

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