How to Win at Street Style, According to Lil Wayne’s Instagram

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    The club

    While you guys are worried about what expensive designer shirt to wear to the club, Lil Wayne rolls out of bed, grabs a crisp new white T-shirt and heads down to Club Liv. His outfit is also accompanied by a few expensive chains, some jeans, his rubber watch and a Trukfit snapback — not your typical rapper outfit. You will very rarely find Wayne dressed up in a suit, let alone a button down. Wayne keeps it as basic as possible.

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  • Lil Wayne skateboarding


    The skate park

    Surprisingly enough Lil Wayne’s skating outfit isn’t too different than what he would wear to the club. You will usually find Wayne decked out in Trukfit gear, rocking either Supras or Nikes. You can’t even hate on the fact that he reps his brand hard throwing the #Trukfit hashtag in almost all of his Instagram pictures. This skating mentality came as a shock to a lot of people, but like his outfits, Wayne does what he wants. If he wants to wake up, make his coffee, and skate all day he is going to do it. Just know that somewhere on his body he is wearing some Trukfit gear while doing kick flips at the park.

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    Music videos

    If you ever find yourself asking what is Lil Wayne rocking? you are probably watching one of his many music videos. He takes street style to an entirely different planet. In his music video for “Krazy,” Lil Wayne switches it up by dressing in different color straitjackets. In other scenes you can find him wearing matching pajamas with a red and black wool jacket on. At least he keeps it somewhat classy with some Concord XI Lows.

    In Drake’s “HYFR” video, which takes place at Drake’s Bar Mitzvah, Wayne decided to show up in a suit similar to what Pharrell wore to this year’s Grammys. Except, Wayne’s was a lot uglier with some sort of design no one should ever wear. To top it off he thought it was a good idea to add high socks, a pair of vans, and a panda mask that would have scared off all the 13 year old at the party. Not an outfit you should ever wear, let alone to a Bar Mitzvah. He stayed true to himself by wearing his patented undershirt with a watch but Drake, please dress Lil Wayne the next time you host a classy event like your Bar Mitzvah.

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    Everything else

    Simple and comfortable is Lil Wayne’s motto. It is easy to see that while scrolling through his Instagram account. No matter the occasion, on most days you will find Lil Wayne rocking the white T-shirt/hoody combination. In addition, he’ll be wearing a snapback or a solid-colored no-name beanie. The three things you can always guarantee with Wayne’s street style are his iced-out teeth, his watch, and some hot kicks.

    His style matches his attitude. His clothing is simple, yet his jewelry is shiny. His clothing collaborations are hip, yet affordable. Bottom line is Lil Wayne is going to dress the way Lil Wayne feels.

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  • Drake, Lil Wayne
  • Lil Wayne skateboarding
  • Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj

Lil Wayne is street style. By now, we all know that the YMCMB YM rapper doesn’t care what you think of his outfit. Wayne is going to be Wayne and he is going to dress exactly how HE wants, no matter the occasion. We have seen some questionable outfits in the past, but for the last few years it has been casual street wear all day, every day.

In January of 2012, Lil Wayne launched his own clothing company called Trukfit, filled with affordable graphic t-shirts, jogger pants, and bucket hats that ScHoolboy Q would approve of. The items on the site aren’t formal, to say the least. Honestly, Wayne just wants to skate and make music the rest of his life. Why not be comfortable doing it?

Unlike his rapper associates like Drake, Kanye West or Nas, you will very rarely see Lil Wayne suited up. If he is going to the club he is wearing a white T, jeans and, some jewelry. If he is skating he is wearing a Trukfit get up. If he is going to an award show…I’ll stop there. We need music first. Along with his Trukfit venture, Wayne also has an investment in the French accessories brand Wize & Ope. At around $90, the rubber watches are a bit more affordable than Jay Z’s collab with Hublot. They are perfect to add to any street style outfit and also are a great representation of Lil Wayne’s overall style.

At The Drop we decided to dissect Lil Wayne’s street style, which is changing whenever he isn’t dropping hot sports references in his lyrics. Scroll through as we analyze his various outfits. Weezy F baby and the F is for fashion. This is How to Win at Street Style, According to Lil Wayne’s Instagram.

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