What to Wear to a Football Game: A Champs Sports Edition

  • adidas RG3 Boost Trainer

    Yes, the NBA features players that sell over $100 million every year in sneakers, but don’t get it twisted: The NFL has some footwear studs, too. From Robert Griffin III to Cam Newton to Calvin Johnson, some of the game’s biggest names rock some pretty serious in-game stuff. There’s also the new Lunar TR 1 from Marshawn Lynch… and it’s all gold. Definite cop.

    Here’s the thing. Do you want to be different? Do you want to stand out? Skip out on the Jordans and cop the new RG3 trainers or the Nike Zoom CJ Trainer 2. Both are available now at Champs Sports.

    Whether you’re at the stadium, in the parking lot chilling with other fans, or at home with a group watching on the big screen, don’t forget about the footwear. This might not be an official stat, and I have absolutely nothing to back it up, but it’s a code I live by, based off hours of first-person research: Girls check out a guy’s shoes first.

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  • Nike NFL Dri-Fit Fly XL 2.0 Shorts

    Early in the season everyone will still have the shorts out. If you live somewhere cold, eventually you might switch over to pants — or maybe even rock both … remember, layers, layers, layers — but at least for the first opening weeks of the season, you need to keep yourself comfortable.

    Champs has the hookup with these sick Nike NFL Dri-Fit Fly XL 2.0 Shorts. When you’re hanging out in the pregame, eating and throwing the football around, and chilling next to the grill, don’t work up a sweat. Stay fresh with these shorts.

    If you’re really struggling in places like Minnesota, Seattle, and Green Bay, go for some thermal pants.

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  • Johnny Manziel

    I can’t stress this one enough: MAKE SURE YOU’RE WEARING A CURRENT JERSEY. If you aren’t, don’t expect to be taken seriously.

    I’ve collected retro jerseys. I’m just like anyone else. Who really wants to get rid of a jersey even if the player gets traded? Outside of those loonies who burn them, you have to find some use for them, right? Might as well break them out on special occasions. That’s at least the way most people think. But they’re wrong.

    Show up to the stadium or the party on your A game. Show you mean business. If that means shelling out a little extra money to get yourself an update, go ahead. No one’s playing Madden NFL 07 anymore; no one’s rocking Eddie George Titans jerseys, either. Step your game up, and grab one of these. (Extra points for going with an up-and-coming player.)

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  • Nike NFL KO Warp Performance Hoodie

    What to wear over the top of that jersey? Easy. The hoodie is an American classic, and if done right, it’ll help offset the loud colors and attention that’ll probably come from wearing a hot jersey. At the end of the day, you need that. You can’t be too loud or risk becoming overbearing and annoying. You want to stand out, but not like a sore thumb.

    With our help, you can rock just about any brand you want, in any color, and that’ll come in handy once you sit down in your seat. Remember, it might not feel cold when you’re hanging out in the parking lot during the pregame, with the sun beating down at you. But once you sit down, the sun disappears behind the stadium and the temperatures cools, you’re going to want this.

    You can also rock a long-sleeve tee on those days –especially for right now — where it’s not so cold out.

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  • New Era NFL Sideline Sport Knit

    Last year I attended the Notre Dame and BYU Thanksgiving game in South Bend as a fan, and it happened to be the coldest game in that stadium in almost 25 years. I literally thought I was going to die. It was that cold. And I’m going to be honest: We left at halftime. The weather was just that bad.

    Everyone talks “layers” in cold weather and I followed the code. It didn’t matter. Hopefully you won’t have the same luck … but if you do, definitely look into coping an NFL Sideline Sport Knit from New Era. They’ll be clutch.

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    Or … maybe you live in Houston or Jacksonville or Oakland or Arizona. If you get the chance to attend a game with warmer weather, well, then you have no excuse for not rocking a fresh hat.

    Don’t show up on game day wearing the same ratty cap you got five years ago. Step your game up with New Era.

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  • Oakley Holbrook Sunglass

    Don’t have yourself feeling light-headed by the second half. Make sure you come prepared.

    Football games are marathons, whether you’re on the sideline, in the booth, at home on the couch, or even in the stadium… perhaps in the stadium more than anywhere else. In tight quarters, while being asked to be enthusiastic for three-plus hours, as a fan you have to make sure you’re comfortable. I’m not trying to squint all afternoon. Are you?

    Grab some Oakley shades and immediately see your swag step up.

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  • adidas RG3 Boost Trainer
  • Nike NFL Dri-Fit Fly XL 2.0 Shorts
  • Johnny Manziel
  • Nike NFL KO Warp Performance Hoodie
  • New Era NFL Sideline Sport Knit
  • Oakley Holbrook Sunglass

We all have that one friend who never knows what to wear. He’ll show up to Pittsburgh wearing a Ravens hoodie. He’ll walk around New York City sporting a bright Red Sox cap. He’s one of those cats that needs a little help every now again, help and tips that’ll keep him from embarrassing himself. As a friend, it’s part of your duty. You can’t show up to the Sunday tailgate with your proverbial tail between your legs, and you can’t sit down in front of the big screen at your boy’s house feeling naked because your boy is struggling to understand it’s 2014 and no one can overlook the fact that he’s wearing a dirty Cleveland Browns jersey from 1995.

Here’s where we come in.

Learn from us. Let us guide you. Take what you learn from us and go out into the world. Instead of paying attention to whatever your friend’s wearing, and having to listen to everyone else laughing beneath their breath at your crew, you can focus on all those big plays, or better yet that chip dip, those burgers with the pepper jack cheese, and that one girl in the corner who you’ve always been scared to talk to.


Fall means a few things for you and you friends, but no matter what age you are, no matter where you live or what your situation is, I can guarantee football on Saturdays and Sundays will somehow be involved. Where there’s football, there are usually parties. And where there are parties, there’ll be people who know how to dress. We’re here to hit you reach that exclusive club.

Don’t be that guy who shows up to the stadium looking like a fool this fall. Here’s What to Wear to a Football Game: A Champs Sports Edition.

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