A Sequel: The 5 Ways That the Under Armour Curry Two Is Doing the Impossible

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    1. Mind-boggling production

    If I told you Curry was making his MVP season look like child’s play, would you believe me? Read the box scores and believe it–the numbers being amassed by the Bay Area star are absolutely outrageous.

    Curry is averaging nine points more in the follow-up to his most successful pro season, and doing it with such ruthless efficiency that it hardly seems fair for opponents. We’ve seen this act before, but never with the audacious volume Curry is offering this year.

    If he kept hitting threes at the pace he’s at now, he’d knock down 405 triples before the regular season wraps up. The previous record? A mere 286, amassed by (who else) Curry himself. Who wouldn’t want to wear his shoe?

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  • Under Armour Curry Two The Professional

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    2. Diverse, clean colorways

    Under Armour did a tremendous job creating colorway stories for the Curry One, a practice which they’ve carried over to selling the Curry Two.

    Some familiar colorways have already made an appearance, such as the “Like Father, Like Son” edition that pays homage to Dell Curry, Steph’s ballin’ dad, but UA continues to explore more angles to capitalize off the younger Curry’s momentum. One such example is the new blacked-out “Professional” colorway–released at Champs Sports on November 20–which hints at Curry’s business-like approach to his craft.

    Given Curry’s on-court improvement since last season, it seems clear that he and UA are in lockstep with the stories they want to tell to potential buyers. It certainly helps that the shoes look fresh, too.

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    3. Improved performance

    Style is one thing, but substance is important for all the hoop heads out there. On that front, the Curry Two has picked up where its predecessor left off, even taking strides forward in certain respects.

    Don’t take our word for it though–take it from renowned sneakerhead @Nightwing2303, who recently praised the Two’s improvement in an interview with The Drop.

    “The One had really good traction, but the Two has REALLY good traction. The cushion feels like it’s headed in the right direction as well…the Charged in the Curry Two feels awesome in comparison to the One.”

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  • 4. Smart advertising

    You might think Curry’s success in his signature shoes would sell itself to the public, but it’s never that simple. To persuade sneakerheads to convert to an upstart shoe brand, you have to sell them on more than just the game. It takes style, finesse, and a whole lot of cool to convert sneaker loyalists.

    Under Armour’s ads for the Curry line have been consistently excellent and appropriate for their star, and the newest spot with Jamie Foxx is no different. As is the case on the court, Curry lets his game do the talking, while Foxx stands in the background and plays up Curry’s unique and game-shifting strengths.

    It helps that UA and Curry are so similar–underdogs that have sent a shockwaves through the system–but synergy like this shows great recognition of what draws people to their guy to begin with. It allows Curry to retain his unassuming persona while reeling in hordes of new customers.

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  • Under Armour Curry Two Floor General Stephen Curry

    Under Armour

    5. Inimitable Style

    If you run through a list of the game’s recent greats–LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and the like–there’s a high probability you’ll find players from past eras that they can be compared to. LeBron has drawn comparisons to Magic Johnson for his all-around brilliance, while Kobe’s imitation of many of Michael Jordan’s signature moves is undeniable.

    However, there’s simply never been a player like Steph Curry. There have been prolific shooters and successful point guards, to be sure, but none combine all the things that make Curry great. He is an original, one-of-a-kind player the likes of which we may not see again in our lifetimes. While comparisons to MJ are often blasphemous, Curry’s unique style and propulsion of a rising brand mirror Jordan’s partnership and ascent with Nike.

    In so many ways it is style that has attracted people to pick up a pair of Curry sneakers, and nowhere is that more prevalent than in the way he plays the game.

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  • Under Armour Curry Two The Professional
  • Stephen Curry
  • Under Armour Curry Two Floor General Stephen Curry

When you’re the underdog, it’s easy to win over the hearts of adoring fans. After all, the reason you attract the average fan is because they can identify with you, struggling yet succeeding against colossi in your profession. Stephen Curry has been the people’s champion for years, dating back to when he took an undermanned Davidson team on a storybook run through the NCAA tournament.

This is no longer a Cinderella story–Curry is one of the league’s best players, perhaps even THE best, and so his task is living up to the reputation he’s built. That battle is being fought on multiple fronts. Curry is trying to push his Warriors to back-to-back titles while helping solidify his signature sneaker as a force in the shoe marketplace.

The reigning champion and MVP is getting a major assist from Under Armour, of course, as the duo work together to ensure the success of the Curry One was no aberration. After taking a big chunk of the market share from giants in the industry, Curry and UA want to keep the ball rolling in the right direction on and off the court.

Up to this point, you’d be hard pressed to find fault in Curry or UA’s 2015-16 campaign on either front. As you should have already seen in The Drop’s video series, this is a true team effort between the star point guard and the Maryland-based brand. With more experience together, this is a partnership that only gets stronger, which boosts the profile of Curry’s latest sig.

How are they killing the game once again? These are the 5 Ways That the Under Armour Curry Two Is Doing the Impossible.

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