Watch Out J-Lo and Iggy: Niykee Heaton Is a New Internet Sensation

As someone who’s been following Niykee since her cover of Kendrick’s “Swimming Pools” dropped on YouTube over two years ago, it’s safe to say she’s come a long way. The 19-year-old — born in South Africa, raised in Illinois — was really put on the map when she released her acoustic cover of Chief Keef’s “Love Sosa” in 2012. In these past two years she’s garnered the attention of everyone from King Push to 2 Chainz, as depicted in the picture below. Niykee also released her first project titled Bad Intentions EP in September. It’s gotten lots of praise and I’m sure when you listen you’ll hear why.

If you aren’t a fan after listening to her music, you have to head over to Niykee’s ‘gram and take a look at her style and appearance. There are plenty of jaw-dropping images. Her style really comes down to two things and Niykee, if you’re reading this, I hope you agree with me on this one: If it looks good and if it’s comfortable, she’s wearing it. And trust me, she looks plenty comfortable and plenty gorgeous while pulling it off. You can count on lots of crop tops with either long or short sweats, usually partnered with some type of jacket depending on the weather. But then again you could be looking at jeans and a flowy top. It really depends on what she’s feelin’ at the moment. Regardless, you can truly place your bet on one thing: She will look incredible in whatever she decides to wear. Niykee is approaching a million followers on Instagram and if she keeps putting out good music and dressing to impress I think we’re looking at a future superstar as Niykee Heaton Is a New Internet Sensation.

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