Upgrade the Fit With the adidas Cross Up Fleece Hoodie

Keeping your fits fresh during the cold weather can be rough. When it snows heavy, like it did this weekend all up and down the East Coast, all anyone really wants to rock are some old denim and scuffed-up Timberlands. Too much snow and slush and mud and salt. Some of us can get away with it, like the people who have so many sneakers that what’s one pair getting messed up? Some of us can’t.

But even if you can’t always keep the footwear right, the top of the fit should always be working for you. Over the past few years, we’ve seen the emergence of tailored track and sweatpants within fashion and streetwear as more and more people opt for a look that, traditionally, was seen only as something you wear to the gym. And after seeing the success of Nike‘s famed Tech Fleece, every other competitor has stepped up their games. That includes the designers at the 3-Stripes.

Available now in store at Champs Sports is the Cross Up Fleece from adidas, a top you can combine with just about anything this winter. Wear it underneath your jacket on really cold days and it acts as a pullover. Wear it once March hits and the snow starts to melt and it acts as a slim coat. Versatility is key, for everyone, and having something like this is a great starting point for any rotation.

Upgrade the fit this season with another banger from the 3-Stripes: the adidas Cross Up Fleece. Use this joint to keep your IG feed fresh.

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