Sneaker Spotlight: Under Armour’s SpeedForm Phenom and Flow Ballistic

People ask me all the time whether I’ve played balled in Stephen Curry‘s new Under Armour signatures and I tell them the same thing every time: they are dope. They don’t just look good. They perform. It’s something that is still registering in a lot of sneaker lovers’ heads, but eventually they’re going to realize that UA is here to stay and that they aren’t just a brand that makes dope advertisements and cool products for football players. They are home to some of the world’s greatest athletes, everyone from Bryce Harper to Julio Jones to even Jordan Spieth.

Now available at Champs Sports are a couple of UA products that should have you killing it at the gym this summer. First up is the Flow Ballistic, a stripped-down trainer shoe that can work for you in both the gym and on the run. It features a 4D Foam cushioning technology, as well as a Woven mesh upper. Also, don’t miss out on the SpeedForm Phenom, an all-purpose trainer that’s way lighter than it looks thanks to its SpeedForm upper. It also features the same cushioning technology and is the perfect shoe for the summer athlete that wants to takes their body to the next level through cross-training.

Stephen Curry isn’t the only thing killing it right now for Under Armour. From on-court products that are both stylish and supportive to off-field trainers that look and feel good, the brand is doing big things in the summer of 2015. They aren’t stopping, either.

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