This Is the Ultimate Back to School Shopping Guide

School is about to start. We know you probably won’t be happy about that. But at least you can hit the mall and go shopping in the meantime for some new fits. From joggers to graphic T-shirts to runners, there are some distinct trends hitting for high school athletes right now, and luckily for you, you don’t need to shell out crazy money in order to cop. This updated sportswear style is affordable and comfortable, meaning you can cop with that summer job money and then wear it to school and not feel out of place at all throughout those long and boring science classes.

From the latest Nike Tech Fleece to some ill new colorways of the classic Timberland boot, make sure you’re equipped from head to toe for Back to School. To give you some tips on what you should be looking for, this is the Ultimate Back to School Shopping Guide.

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I’ve been rocking Timbs since way back in the day, back when everyone across hip-hop and sports wore them on the regular. Their influence waned over the past decade but as streetwear continues to grow in 2015, they are back and arguably bigger than ever. Right now with fall approaching, many newbies will try to say this is the time to cop a pair, and while we won’t argue with that considering some of the colorways available–I NEED that Angora color below–real tastemakers will tell you it’s dope to wear these joints all year long, even sometimes with shorts if you can pull it off. Stunt on your classmates from Day One this year with these boots.

BUY NOW (Angora): $189.99
Timberland Boot Angora

BUY NOW (Wheat): $189.99
Timberland 6-Inch Boots

At this point in the game, if you don’t have some dope, fleece sweatpants, it might be time to hang it up, turn in your sneakerhead pass, and retire. We’ve only been talking about this particular trend for well over a year, but if you need it repeated: Sweatpants will always be hot, but right now cuffed sweatpants and tailored tracksuits are some of the go-to looks for any legitimate sneakerhead. Instagram changed a lot of that, in terms of the way we showcase what’s on our feet. But it’s also comfort. The khaki jogger isn’t trending the way it was a year or two ago, and yet pants like these are still doing big things. Line up a few pairs for yourself before heading to school.

BUY NOW: $99.99
Jordan Fleece Pants

I’ve always loved camo, so much so in fact that in college I had a professor constantly call me Sarge. It’s a staple of any forward-thinking tastemaker’s lineup and that hasn’t changed for years. It’s still hot in 2015.
Nike Camo Tech Fleece

Mitchell & Ness has been bringing the heat for people like us for a long time, paying tribute to the classic teams and players of the past while also creating product that speaks to the new school. I don’t wear their jerseys the way I used to, but you know what everyone needs around this time of year? Something to wear on your head. I’m serious. Snapbacks are cool and all, but how many can you realistically have? I have about 20 and a few of them almost never get used. Beenies, though? I can always use more of those.
Mitchell & Ness

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