Be a Trendsetter With New Bucket Hats in 2015

Bucket hats might’ve originally started with Gilligan way back in the day, back in the days of Dave DeBusschere and Bob Hayes, but it wasn’t until hip-hop turned it into something bigger in the early 1980s did we really take notice.

All of that began with Run-D.M.C., a group many younger fans associate with the birth of mainstream hip-hop. D.M.C. was a huge fan of the classic Kangol, and the group was often sporting them on stage, in posters, in promotion, and everywhere in-between. Their protege of sorts, LL Cool J, took it to another level, making it such a part of his swagger that rumors emerged accusing the rapper of having something wrong with his head. From there, other cats like Kurtis Blow and EPMD made the bucket hat their own and it came to signify a particular point in our culture’s history, much as Timberlands and Starter jackets became the recipe for the early 1990s and Air Force 1s — white-on-white — took the baton for the turn of the century. Then, in more recent years, it’s been all about Schoolboy Q. The up-and-comer has made the bucket hat his trademark, doing it as the first rapper to really embrace the look since Cam’ron.

Somehow it caught on, too.

Now in 2015, with new style and fashion trends emerging for the spring, it’s officially bucket hat season. Today at Champs Sports, an entire collection of bucket hats are releasing from multiple brands, including Nike, Jordan Brand, adidas, and New Era. Cop yours now to make sure you’re stunting at all of the high school and college parties this spring.

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