Things You Need to Know About the Under Armour SpeedForm RC Vent

  • Under Armour SpeedForm VC Vent
    Air vents

    Okay, considering the name of the shoe you probably had this one already figured out. But just know that all runners look for shoes that can remain breathable even amidst difficult situations…you know, like when your foot is sweating and you’re pushing your body to the limit. In this shoe, you can literally FEEL the air blowing through them. Watch those blisters fade away.

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  • Under Armour SpeedForm RC Vent
    Extension of the Apollo

    The SpeedForm Vent is the younger, more streamlined version of one of UA’s most popular running shoes, the SpeedForm Apollo, which killed it all of last year. That shoe dropped in the spring of 2014 while this year, we’ll see the Vent and its more bruising brother, the SpeedForm Gemini. Out of the three different models, the Vent is the most lightweight, an important distinction in this day and age when everyone is trying to be like the adidas Pure Boost. That was perhaps the top sneaker of 2014. Who’s to say the Vent can’t close the gap?

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  • Under Armour SpeedForm RC Vent
    Made from shirt fabric

    A big selling point for the SpeedForm Apollo was that it was considered the first shoe built in a clothing factory. Well, the Vent is taking it one step further. This shoe will feature an upper made in part with the¬†ArmourVent fabric found in some of the company’s newer shirts. How’s that for comfort?

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  • Under Armour Speedform RC Vent
    Full-length, molded foam

    It’s one thing to say you’ve made a comfortable shoe, one that will adhere to the shape of your foot. It’s quite another to have the tech to do it. This shoe, apparently, has that. Featuring a full-length Micro G foam, the shoe not only turns cushioned landings into explosive takeoffs, it also conforms to your foot’s exact shape through a molded 4D Foam footbed. Your feet will never slip out of place again.

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  • Designed for long-distance road racing

    The shoe features extreme breathability with the T-shirt fabrics and weighs in at just 6.0 ounces in a size 9. It’s a low-to-the-ground shoe with a narrow heel and a low toe-box. Yes, you can wear it at the gym but it’s designed to take you on LONG trips. Getting yourself ready to run a marathon? Have a goal to lose an absurd amount of weight before summer? This is the shoe for you.

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  • Under Armour SpeedForm VC Vent
  • Under Armour SpeedForm RC Vent
  • Under Armour SpeedForm RC Vent
  • Under Armour Speedform RC Vent

Most of us aren’t world-class track athletes. Okay, I’m wiling to bet none of us are. However, we also aren’t Ron Burgundy. We know what “jogging” is and it’s not pronounced with a soft “j.” No matter what, I’m willing to bet you do some type of running to stay in shape. It’s easy to do. You can make your own course. And it can help you get a tan, too, which is never a bad thing.

We’re now almost a week away from March. Spring is nearly here. It might not feel like it — at least for the people in the northeast in the States, but yes, it is almost here. And if you want to remain swagged-out in the new season, you best not come to the gym equipped with last year’s gear. First of all, that’s just nasty. No one is trying to smell your nasty feet. It’s also dumb. Shoes break down. You use them enough, you use them like you’re supposed to, and they will break down. It’s a simple metric.

Step up your game with the latest tech from Under Armour. The shoe is called the SpeedForm RC Vent and it’s going to be one of the best shoes to wear to the gym this year. Luckily for you, Champs Sports is releasing three different colorways of the SpeedForm Vent this weekend, so you’ll have a pick of the litter.

In the meantime, put yourself on game and know what you’re getting into with this shoe. Here are the Things You Need to Know About the Under Armour SpeedForm RC Vent.

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