The Stash: @wearethetrend on Streetwear & the Sneaker That Changed His Life

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    1. Does your son already have a little collection going? I bought mine the Air Jordan XI 72-10s, but I’ll be honest, my kid mostly wears outfits with socks built in because it’s easier.

    “I’m the type of person where I’d rather buy him shoes when he can actually walk! And this is going to sound weird coming from me since I wear Jordans, but they sometimes look a little iffy in kids sizes. I have been looking at Air Jordan 1’s though, thinking I can put him in those. I’m still waiting a little bit, but I think I’ll get him some Vans and let him find his own way. My mom got me a Pittsburgh Pirates gift set with shoes in there, so once baseball season comes around, I’ll have him in those.”

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    2. What was the first sneaker where the light really went on and you knew this was something you were going to be into?

    “I’m not sure if you remember the shoe, but my first Jordan was the Camp 23. I think that came out in 2001, and I was in a Champs Sports with my dad, and it was the weirdest shoe ever, half black and half white. He looked at me like, ‘Really?’ I was like, ‘Yeah dad, I really want those.’ So he told me to get all A’s on my next report card and we’d come back and get them. I did, and I ended up getting those as my first pair of Jordans ever.

    “But the ones that really drew me into collecting were the White/Cement IIIs. I was 16 and had just gotten a job, so I could finally afford them. I started Googling them and saw them for $200-plus, and that was way out of my price range. I was more into Vans and skate shoes — $50, maybe $90 tops — so that was really kind of an eye opener to me, and my wallet has really taken a beating since.” (laughs)

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    3. How many pairs of sneakers do you have and where do you store them? 

    “I’m actually pushing 200 right now, I’d love to get rid of some. But I’m a hoarder and I tend to latch on to things too easily, I find it hard to get rid of certain shoes. I’ll tell myself, ‘I remember when I got those, it was such a good day. I can’t sell those.’

    “In terms of storage, I just moved into a new apartment that’s not very big, so I would say about 85 percent of my collection is at my parents’ house, taking up real estate in my old room.”

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    4. I had the opportunity to buy Solar Red Yeezy 2s at retail, and walking out of the store, there was just a line of people outside offering $600 or $700 cash for them, just trying to shock and awe. I didn’t want to deal with that, and I was just hoping they didn’t recognize that’s the shoe I had.

    “You always have to bring the decoy bag, that’s what I used to do. I used to bring a bag from another store and throw the shoes in it.” (laughs)

    That’s a smart idea, I should have done that. But do you have a favorite crazy sneaker release story like that?

    “I actually post a lot of these on my YouTube channel as a feature called ‘Sneaker Stories’ that does really well. Probably one of the crazier ones was when the Concords came out in 2011. I went to Champs and it was back when they were doing midnight drops, so you had to just sit there, you couldn’t leave the store. But if you stayed, you were pretty much guaranteed your size.

    “My girlfriend was with me and she wasn’t driving yet; she didn’t actually get her license until she was 23. I had to take her to work that night, and in my head I was like, ‘What am I going to do?’ I asked the guy at the store if it was OK, and he said if it’s OK with everyone in line, then it’s fine. So I had to awkwardly ask the line if it was cool if I left and came back! I told them I would bring them pizza, since she was working at a pizza place at the time. So I came back with a whole lot of pizza, and everyone was just happy. We got our pairs at midnight and that was all pretty smooth.

    “Then someone pulled the fire alarm, so we all had to evacuate. We’re running out of the mall in a downpour, which in actuality was a good thing, because obviously you don’t want anybody coming for your shoes. They’re not going to come running up on you in the rain.”

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    5. I’m not exactly a high fashion guy. I’m 36, so I mostly wear jeans, sweaters, and button-ups that my wife buys me for work. She actually has really great taste, but what would you advise someone in my position if I wanted to try some new things?

    I mean, it’s tough because everyone has a different style, and it’s all about finding that style. You kind of have to know your boundaries and find your own lane, like maybe the office guy shouldn’t be wearing the tall tee. So that’s really what you have to do is find your own style and run with it, and you kind of have to have thick skin. I take some chances in terms of fashion, and sometimes it may look weird to others, but I like it. As long as you’re confident about it, there’s nothing you can’t really do in terms of fashion. Stick with your confidence and you can pull off anything.”

    I can’t really pull off anything! 

    “If you’re confident, you can!” (laughs)

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    6. What does it mean to you that brands like Jordan, PUMA, and PacSun solicit your views and talent at 22 years old?

    “Honestly, it feels really good. I think I’m in a good place, like you said, especially for my age. There are people younger than me doing big things too, and I think that’s what brands are looking for — a fresh take. Some YouTubers have a bigger subscriber account, which I’m not worried about. I’m more about networking and getting involved with these brands more than just getting a pair of shoes for free. I want to build something and make a lasting relationship.”

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    7. Can you give me a sneaker and an apparel brand that kind of get overlooked by the masses?

    “I think one that really gets overlooked is Greats Brand, which I’ve partnered with a few times. They’re based out of Brooklyn and they cut out the middleman, so their prices are super reasonable. They have shoes that should be selling for $400-600, and you’re paying $100-200, so those are awesome.

    “As far as apparel, I’d say the most overlooked is Premium Co. They’re some good friends of mine and they make amazing products. Every little detail is super-focused, and they make sure every piece is solid. They don’t release anything until they make sure it’s exactly what they want it to be, you can see that in their product and I respect that.”

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    8. You’re best known for your YouTube channel. What do you think goes into being a success in that medium?

    “Definitely posting often is the biggest thing, and it’s actually pretty hard to do, unless you don’t have a day job or kids or anything. I was really good with that for a while, and that generated the most subscribers for me. But definitely also the content, as long as it’s original and something that people really enjoy.”

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    9. You’re clearly building toward something here. Where do you see yourself in five years?

    I would really love to be picked up by one of these brands I’ve been working with and work with them permanently. I know the YouTube space is not really taken all that seriously — it’s my main platform and what I’m known for, but I would love to have a position in sneakers or fashion that I can move forward with. I did a styling shoot with Jordan not so long ago; I’d love to do more of that.”

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    10. Obviously, things are changing in a great way for you lately. How does having a kid put things in perspective?

    “I think people don’t realize how much they really drop on shoes. There are things that you could put that money toward and have it be beneficial for you. If you’re into doing YouTube videos, it might be investing in a new camera or new gear.

    “Obviously, you don’t even want to spend a lot of money on yourself once you have a kid. If I’m spending a good amount of money, it has to be something that helps me progress and move forward.”

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Patrick Carroll isn’t the easiest guy to track down, for good reason: He very recently welcomed his first son, Cameron, into the world.

“I’m not getting too much sleep at the moment,” Carroll said with a laugh as we swapped new dad stories. (My own son, Jacob, is about 4 months old) “But it’s actually not a bad thing. I feel like I’ve been more productive.”

For Carroll, that’s really saying something. Better known as PTC or by his handle @WeAreTheTrend, the 22-year-old New Jersey resident has carved a niche in the sneaker and fashion worlds with his popular and entertaining YouTube channel, which benefits from a slick aesthetic and his wry sense of humor.

Thanks to PTC’s YouTube success, prominent brands like Jordan, PacSun, and PUMA have solicited his views and collaborated with him on projects. Most recently and notably, Carroll attended the 2015 Jordan Brand Classic and was tabbed to style the upcoming offerings at the Jordan Brand Holiday Preview.

Carroll’s grassroots groundwork is proof that having initiative, knowledge, and confidence in your vision can take you a long way. And as he discussed with Champs Sports in the latest edition of The Stash, he’s more inspired than ever to continue making a name for himself.

“When you have a kid, all your energy goes toward working and trying to make a better life for yourself and him,” PTC told me. “If anything, I’m more motivated than I’ve ever been, a lot happier than I’ve ever been and a little more stressed out!”

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