The Stash: @Bull1trc on How to Build a YouTube Sneaker Audience

  • What made you start a YouTube channel? How long have you been doing it?

    What happened was that there was a specific pair of shoes. It was the Eggplant Penny ½ Cents. When they first came back, they were like $200. At the time they were more heftier for me than it is now. So I wanted to look around to see how I can get a better look at the shoe and there weren’t really many pictures, so I just went on YouTube and there was a guy that used to be on YouTube by the name of “Sneaker Geek.” He was like a older guy, and he used to get like everything, like all the J’s early. There wasn’t a lot of people that did the sneaker stuff and if he didn’t have it then probably no one had it.

    Then I went and bought those and went and bought a pair of Air Max ‘95s and one day I was like, “Yo, let me just put this on camera.” The video was horrible, of course. It is still on my YouTube ’til this day. A lot of people go back and watch the old stuff to the new stuff so it shows the progression.

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  • What sets you apart from other sneaker YouTubers?

    I feel like everyone has their own unique personality. But I will say the way I do my videos. The quality and I add my own kind of style to it. What makes me different is what I buy, too. I just bought all-white Forces, low-top with gum bottom. That is not really the coolest thing these days but I just try to be diverse. I want people that watch my channel to say, “He has these PUMAs and he also has these adidas, but he also shows you this clothing brand you never heard of.

    I just try to diversify and depending on what it is I also try to be fair with the pricing. I understand that I can afford some stuff that other people can’t afford. Like a lot of people ask me why haven’t I made the high-fashion move but I am like, the regular person can’t really afford to go out and spend money on Saint Laurent sneakers. That is just one of the things that sets me apart I guess.

    My whole thing is about being diverse. I might pick up a pair of Y-3s one day and a pair of Vans or a pair of Sauconys. I also just got a pair of FILAs that are pretty dope.

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  • You have a huge following. What do you think worked for you?

    Just evolving with the times. You have to keep up with YouTube. The biggest things these days are the unboxing videos. I don’t know what it is about unboxing videos but people love them. There are channels even dedicated to unboxing videos. One dude, I think his name is Unboxing Therapy, and he has million of subscribers and he just unboxes stuff people send him. He has a cool channel, I am not knocking it, but I’m just evolving.

    I upgraded my camera. I’ve learned how to edit different things, I do a lot of different videos. Like new pickups here and there, or talk about some new releases. Also having a schedule has helped. Plus, it is a weird thing with YouTube where you don’t want to put too much content at one time because then people don’t see it. People’s attention spans these days are minimal. Some days you will have more views than some others.

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  • bull1trc Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit

    What are some recent sneakers you picked up that you are hyped about?

    The Flyknit Air Force 1’s. That shoe to me is dope. The Air Force 1 itself it still a popular model but it is not as popular as it used to be. The adidas NMD is dope as well. Some people may ask why did you get the Flyknit Air Force 1’s and I just think they are new. I try to innovate and they are a sneaker that I can show off. The Tubular Doom from adidas is a model that I seen last year and was really eager to get into my hands and try it on.

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  • What makes your personal style stand out?

    It is always changing. Like when I wake up, I don’t know what I want to do. I am my biggest critic. It takes me so long to get dressed sometimes because I overthink. I’ve been like this. Anyone will tell you I am going to be late 80 percent of the time and the reason is trying to figure out what am I going to wear that night? My style is really diverse. One day I might be wearing a flannel and a hoodie; the next day I can wear a jersey; this day I might have worn a button-down. It all depends on the day and how I am feeling.

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  • When it comes to building your wardrobe, does it start with sneakers or your outfit?

    I have so many shoes so it is hard for me to pick out an outfit and find a shoe for that outfit. What I usually try to do is basically figure out what shoe I want to wear that day and I base my outfit around that. It all depends. Maybe one day I get a new shirt or a new jacket and I just might base it off of that. But I don’t really have a set way to do it, but usually, I am looking for a pair of shoes and I grab them and go, “Yo, what can I rock with this?”

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    What would you describe as a perfect fit?

    Black jeans, all-white adidas Ultra Boost–easiest answer but it is what is is. Ultra Boost is that shoe right now. I wear them all of the time, I don’t care if they get dirty. Sometimes I just have to stop myself from wearing them. I understand Jordans are cool but it’s just so much more comfortable.

    I am just getting older now. Have to have a hoodie and I love my Off-White hat. I just wear a black Off-White hat with the white stripes and that is easy.

    One thing I am really learning about is flannel. Flannels are a really easy way to have an extra layer for no reason. Basically, I buy a few flannels, I buy a hoodie and I can throw a flannel over it and make it look like I have a whole different outfit.

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  • What celebrity you feel has best connected with the sneaker culture and why?

    Obviously, the go-to is Kanye. But it is not about connection with him. I would say that he has influenced culture, but when you are talking connecting with sneaker culture, you have to go with Wale. He has a few collabs here and there but he also been that celebrity that has always been the sneaker guy. I have seen pictures of him outside talking to people who are camping out and stuff.

    Trinidad James as well. Drake is now dropping OVO Jordans and stuff like that–he is moving as well.

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  • What cool things has your love of sneakers and YouTube enabled you to do? 

    Traveling is one of my favorite things. I would have never thought about traveling to places like Chicago or Boston. My favorite trip so far, and this is not knock of any other brands that sent me out for business, but the Saucony event in Boston was the most fun. There were other YouTubers as well. What gets me to this day about YouTube and the Internet, I talk to these people, I text these people, I like their videos. So when I see them in real life, it is not weird at all. We just hung out and chatted about different stuff.

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  • adidas NMD bull1trc

    What are some of your goals for the future with your work?

    I love doing YouTube but I understand that is not forever. When I am like 45, I can’t still be on here talking about, “Yo, this new Jordan came out.” I mean, I can and that is not knocking anyone because it is still a love. But that is not going to be my main source of income. It can be something brand new by that time. YouTube can be a old dinosaur next to a new social media thing. But until then I will be using YouTube to my full extent as I can and meeting as many people as possible. Also, building my brand with Tony.

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  • bull1trc Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit
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  • adidas NMD bull1trc

Sneaker YouTuber Christian Bright, @Bull1trc on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, is all about evolving and building. Following in the same path as guys like Eddie Win and Matt Shiho, the 21-year-old Bright understands how to find the perfect fit while staying comfortable in his lane. It’s the reason why he’s one of our favorite young style enthusiasts to follow in 2016. It’s also the reason why his YouTube channel now sports over 284,000 subscribers.

Originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia, Bright has been doing YouTube since 2011 but didn’t even take it seriously until around 2013 when he quit his part-time job.

“Since then it’s been a grind,” he says. “I’m working with different brands and establishing friendships with people. Traveling is something new. I wasn’t really used to traveling for business so that is a new thing that is starting to happen.”

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It’s all about the grind for people like @bull1trc. In fact, when I spoke to him he was in the midst of working on a jacket release for his clothing brand, Sample Industries, a joint venture he is building with his business partner, @TonyD2Wild.

What makes Bright stand out is his ability to build out a wardrobe using a variety of different looks. It doesn’t always have to be big-name designers or high-fashion pieces that’ll cut through your wallet. He offers a diverse collection of videos on his channel through his lens as someone regular sneakerheads can emulate and follow.

In our latest Stash profile, we caught up with @bull1trc to talk about how things are changing for him, his favorite fits right now, and what the future holds in store.

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