The NFL’s Best Touchdown Celebrations

  • 10. Mark Ingram

    The best part about this was the fact that Ingram and teammate Lance Moore, who you will see later on here, did double Nae Naes on back-to-back touchdowns. The rendition from Mercer guard Kevin Canevari during last year’s NCAA tournament will never be topped, but the Saints running back came pretty close.

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  • Knowshon Moreno
    9. Knowshon Moreno

    Creativity? Yes. Random? Even more so. This won’t go down as one of the best ever, but let’s face it. Most of the really, really good ones have been completely random.

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  • Cam Newton
    8. Cam Newton's Superman

    This might be the most doable touchdown celebration for the average person like you or me. Playing pickup football with some friends, scoring a touchdown and then breaking out the Cam Newton Superman just makes you feel good. It feels like every few years an athlete thinks they are Superman, whether it be Cam, Dwight Howard or Shaq.

    The Panthers quarterback needs to find a way to get back at Colin Kaepernick for mocking his Superman celebration. Any ideas?

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  • 7. Lance Moore's Hingle McCringleberry

    This Lance Moore touchdown celebration is beyond epic. It is almost identical to what happens to Hingle McCringleberry in the comedy central show, Key & Peele. In the show, McCringleberry decides to irk the ref and add a third thrust to his touchdown celebration, which draws an excessive celebration flag. Lance Moore and Kenny Stills execute the same exact celebration and similar to the show, draw a penalty flag.

    Lance is well known for his dancing ways after scoring touchdowns for the New Orleans Saints.

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  • Rob Gronkowski
    6. Rob Gronkowski's Spike

    I know New England fans will appreciate this one. The Gronk Spike has become a phenomenon in Patriots land. ESPN’s SportsNation even did a special on it, seeing if certain random objects would break if Gronk spiked it.

    Hopefully Rob Gronkowski stays healthy enough this season so we can see a bunch more of the famous Gronk Spikes, that is if Gronk is willing to take a potential penalty. The NFL has said that it will penalize certain celebrations such as spiking the ball, spinning the ball or taking a home run swing.

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  • 5. Jimmy Graham's Slam Dunk

    Jimmy Graham has ups! The New Orleans Saints’ tight end is quickly becoming one of league’s most prolific players. Besides being a top offensive threat, he is also known for slam dunking the football through the goal posts in celebration of scoring a touchdown. In a game against the Falcons last year, he dunked the football so hard that the goal post actually bent. This caused a delay in the game, and the NFL decided this offseason that if you dunk on the goalpost you will now be penalized. I call it the Jimmy Graham rule.

    The NFL has been cracking down on touchdown celebrations in recent years, which is making creative celebrations tougher and tougher. We are going to miss the slam dunks, but hopefully Jimmy takes a few penalties in order to throw down a sick 360 or windmill dunk.

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  • Julius Thomas
    4. Julius Thomas' Shmoney Dance

    The 2014 TD celebration game is off to the right start thanks to Denver Broncos tight end Julius Thomas. In week one of the 2014, Thomas broke out the Shmoney Dance, which has been imitated by the likes of Chris Brown, Beyonce, and James Harden. The Shmoney Dance, made famous by Bobby Shmurda, has been the club song of the summer.

    I can almost guarantee you that we will see a few more players break out this dance before the season ends. Thanks Julius — it is going to be a fun 2014 season.

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  • 3. Victor Cruz's Salsa Dance

    This is my personal favorite touchdown celebration in recent memory. Okay, this one is extremely biased since Victor Cruz went to UMass and plays for my favorite team. The undrafted wideout, who has one of the illest sneaker collections in the league, has been salsa-ing since 2011 with a career 23 touchdowns.

    The salsa has been around for hundreds of years but became popular in the NFL once Victor brought it back. Players have caught on and similar to what happened with Kaepernick, have mocked Cruz during games. This year is off to a rough start for the New York Giants, but I still have faith I will see a handful of salsa dances this season.

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  • Colin Kaepernick
    2. Colin Kaepernick

    I remember watching this play live in my buddy’s apartment being like “Ooooh Kap just did the Cam Newton Superman, what a boss.” At first I thought he just did the Superman and then did his signature bicep kiss. Then they started showing replays of the celebration and we realized he did the Clark Kent Superman, but zipped the suit back up. The ultimate “I am the better quarterback in this game” moment.

    The 49ers went on to win this game, but we all remember the pass that ended the season for San Francisco. Hopefully, Kaepernick actually plays like Superman this year and the 49ers make it to the big game.

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  • David Wilson
    1. David Wilson

    Unfortunately, David Wilson, the Giants first-round pick in 2012, retired from the NFL before this season started. Fortunately for us, we got to see just how athletic Wilson really was with his double backflip touchdown celebration against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 5 of the 2013 season. It is hard enough to do one backflip, let alone two consecutive ones.

    As a Giants fan it hurts not being able to see David Wilson score more often in the end zone and bless us with his ability to do perfectly executed backflips. Wilson is now pursuing a career as a triple jumper in the Olympics. Only makes sense.

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  • Knowshon Moreno
  • Cam Newton
  • Rob Gronkowski
  • Julius Thomas
  • Colin Kaepernick
  • David Wilson

TOUCHDOWN! The phrase that every football fan wants to hear. Throughout the years, we have seen some amazing and clever touchdown celebrations. The Joe Horn phone call, Terrell Owens and his mid-game snack, and the Randy Moss mooning are all classics. The National Football League, or the No Fun League as some might call it, has been cracking down recently on extreme touchdown celebrations, even as other leagues go in the opposite direction. Even with the fines and penalties, players are still getting creative with how they celebrate a touchdown. Isn’t the ultimate goal of the offense to score touchdowns? Players should be able to reward themselves after scoring six points.

As a fan it is always awesome to see creativity in a touchdown celebration. At the end of the day sports are a form of entertainment, and the fans want to see unique, funny, and awe-inspiring touchdown celebrations. The NFL needs to rethink their harsh penalties for excessive celebrations.

In wake of the start of the NFL season, where we’re starting to see the pretenders and contenders take shape, we wanted to give you something to cheer about. From Lance Moore to Cam Newton, check out 10 awesome touchdown celebrations that you might just see again this year. But keep up the creativity, guys, we want to see some new dances and new celebrations this season. (Wonder if Johnny Manziel will ever get a chance to show off his?)

Who do you think has the best touchdown celebration? Is it Victor Cruz’s salsa dance, Cam Newton’s superman or Jimmy Graham’s slam dunk? Maybe a newcomer comes in this season and steals the spotlight? After 15 years in the league, it is time for the future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning to start celebrating his touchdown throws. Imagine if we say Peyton do the worm 55 times last year? That’d be worth any penalty.

It’s only Tuesday, but get yourself ready for this weekend with The NFL’s Best Touchdown Celebrations.

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