The Limited Edition New Era Championship Chicago Bulls Pack

Back in the day, you stood out with sneakers. If you were the only kid in class with the new Jordans, things came easy for you. You got the respect. You got the girls. You got the love. But nowadays, everyone is a sneakerhead. This summer you will need new ways to stand out among the crowd. Enter this Championship Chicago Bulls pack from New Era.

Coming on June 21, available exclusively from Champs Sports, this pack honors every championship of Chicago’s dynasty era in the 1990s. Sporting specific nods to ’90s street fashion, as well as satin linings and exotic materials, it’s the perfect complement to what you’ll be rocking on your feet.

Everyone grew up a Jordan fan, and now for the first time, you can finally have some dope headwear to match the kicks. With only 120 being made ($350), I can guarantee this: everyone will be feeling your game.

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