The Game Plan by Champs Sports Presents the Nike Hybrid Collection

Though Nike often appeals to streetwear aficionados, the company never forgets its roots. It’s a competition-based brand first, with many of its most powerful products deeply entrenched in sport.

Take the Windrunner, for instance, a jacket that’s been around the culture for 40 years. Though the inner city immediately embraced it as a style piece, the jacket was original intended for athletes to wear to and from events. (How many times can you remember seeing an athlete wearing one on the medal stand?)

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Now in 2016, with sport and leisure merging so seamlessly, Nike has brought out an updated take on the iconic jacket. They’re calling it the Hybrid Windrunner as it incorporates the same branding details and runner material on the overlay while adding fleece fabric across the body and arms.

In the latest Game Plan collection from Champs Sports, the updated Hybrid Windrunner is dropping in three different colorways, along with the Nike Air Max Tavas, to complete the Nike Hybrid Collection. It’s a perfect starting point for spring: casual, stylish clothing that can be worn in a variety of environments, matched with sneakers featuring that lifestyle look that permeates all of popular culture right now.

Though not even two years old, the Tavas has been a solid addition to the Air Max family. It’s somehow toed the line between retro and modern through a clean design and flashy colorways. Yes, it’s not as popular as the Air Max 95 or any of its more famous cousins, but the Tavas is a subdued approach available in two separate colorways here.

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Head over to Champs Sports to cop the new Nike Hybrid Game Plan collection. It’s a perfect starting point for your spring rotation, whether you’re an athlete or just a kid looking to step up your IG fits.

Check out the Champs Sports store locator to find your nearest retailer and cop the collection today.

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Nike Hybrid Windrunner – $99.99
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The Game Plan Nike Hybrid Windrunner

The Game Plan Nike Hybrid Windrunner

Nike Air Max Tavas – $94.99
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The Game Plan Nike Air Max Tavas

Nike Hybrid Cuffed Pant – $79.99
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