The Drop Video Series, Episode 11: Starring NFL Pro Bowler Antonio Brown

Go to Pittsburgh and wear purple. Just try it. Considering the Steelers-Ravens rivalry, you’ll be lucky to make it out in one piece. The city loves their team, almost obsessively, and in a short period of time wide receiver Antonio Brown has become one of Pittsburgh’s fan favorites.

The former Central Michigan standout is extremely productive–two straight years with 110-plus catches–and does it all with flash. Despite being just 5-10, I’d argue he’s as entertaining with the ball in his hands as any receiver in the NFL. However, for a guy who wasn’t always considered the next big thing, Brown understands it’s not just about the production. You have to make people take notice, especially in 2015.

Brown does have a ton of black and yellow in his closet–you almost have to as a Steeler–but won’t stop short when it comes to supplying a little swagger. Purple, green, orange, blue…whatever color looks good and makes him feel comfortable is what he wears.

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In the latest episode of The Drop video series, we caught up with Antonio Brown on set of a commercial shoot with Champs Sports at Mall of America to talk about his favorite sneaker memories and why he nicknames his haircuts. The Drop series has taken us all over the country, from Portland to get an exclusive look inside the process of creating Stephen Curry‘s new sneaker, to New Orleans to check in on potential NBA All-Star Tyreke Evans, to DJ Khaled‘s sneaker closet. You can check all of the full episodes at the Champs Sports YouTube page and if you want to be down as we move into 2016, hit those Instagram sneaker shots with the #MyGameMondays hashtag for a chance to be featured in a future episode.

Antonio Brown isn’t here to just catch passes. He’s trying to make a statement.

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