The Come Up: September’s Freshest Style Trends

It’s Back to School season. Everyone is trying to come up and make a name for themselves, but whether it’s on the court or off of it, that never stops at the sneakers. Too many people wait until they have just enough to cop that pair of kicks they’ve been waiting on and then they totally forget about the rest of the fit. You can’t do that.

Last month’s trends saw us highlighting that small space in-between the change of seasons, where one day you might rock an all-black fit, right on down to the sneakers, and then the next you’d go bright on them and lace the streets with some white colors.

This month, we’re sticking mostly to Jordan Brand and Nike, and on top of that Mitchell & Ness makes an appearance with a dope collection of new hats that’s available at Champs Sports right now.

School is back, which means you have to be on top of your game with a rotation that’s lit. We got the hook-up here, from head to toe in Nike and Jordan. Check out The Come Up: September’s Freshest Style Trends.


I’ve been wearing joggers all year. They are comfortable, versatile, and you can rock basically any pair of kicks with them and it’ll have your fit looking ill. But now that it’s the autumn they are more important than ever. If you can rock a dope long-sleeve Tee along with it, especially one like this that’s celebrating the Bulls’ six titles in the 1990s, then take all these style points. Throw in one of the most overlooked silhouettes of the past few years in the Eclipse and you’ll be flexing on ’em.

Jordan The Varsity Sweatpants – $79.99
Jordan A.I.R. Jordan Long Sleeve T-Shirt – $41.99
Jordan Eclipse – $109.99

The Come Up

Nike’s Tech Fleece Joggers have been so necessary for months now. They’re a staple of any sportswear lineup and if you don’t have any in your collection, you better be saving up. That’s a nice transition into this T-shirt, a daily reminder about what this sneakerhead lifestyle is all about. Style on them with some fresh Air Max 90s and you should be golden.

Nike Air Max 90 (black) – $109.99
Nike Graphic T-Shirt – $27.99

The Come Up

Speaking of the Air Max 90, some of the color combinations work perfectly with these dope reflective hoodies. This look is perfect for those nights after school when you’re hanging around campus with your friends, or for the early Saturday mornings when you’re meeting up with classmates to watch the football team do work. Black is always the move, but you know what? I really mess with these red joints.

Nike Graphic Hoodie (red) – $44.99
Nike Graphic Hoodie (black) – $58.49
Nike Air Max 90 (black) – $109.99
Nike Air Max 90 (red) – $109.99

The Come Up

Grab some new snapbacks this month to keep yourself updated for the new year. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than rocking the same hats you had all of last year, and this new collection from Mitchell & Ness is super dope.

The Come Up

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