The Come Up: August’s Freshest Style Trends

It’s that time again. It’s Back to School.

I remember back in high school when I couldn’t stand it. The stores would start bringing out the sales and yet I didn’t care. All I saw when I noticed all those “Back 2 School” and “On Sale” signs were burnt out, all-up-in-your-biz teachers and long hours of homework. But now that I’ve made it through, I can appreciate what we had. That’s because it’s around this time in the calendar year when many of the hardest sneakers and apparel are not only dropping but coming through in lower prices.

This year, make sure you’re looking fly on the first day of school as well as all through the opening months of the fall semester. The summer saw the comeback of bucket hats and the further explosion of Stance Socks. With the sneaker releases harder than ever in the final month of summer, make sure you’re going into things with a finger on which trends are popping off right now. If you don’t, no worries. We got you.

This is The Come Up and these are August’s Freshest Style Trends.

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Put away the white kicks. With the weather set to change and more cats rocking pants and joggers, it’s time to lace the rotation with some all-black joints. A silhouette like the Nike Air Max 90 will always be in, and in this all-black colorway it’s perfect for the cat that needs something consistent and stylish for the school week. Add in the matching Shoebox tank and hat, and the branded fleece shorts, and you’ll be good to go.

Nike Air Max 90 – $119.99
Nike AW77 FT Alumni Short – $54.99

The Come Up

Okay, even if you aren’t down with the all-black everything look, you have to admit the Air Max 90 is the perfect foundation. It’s a casual shoe that can warrant style points with any type of fit, color, or look. It doesn’t overshadow the rest of your wardrobe and yet at the same time says enough about you that no one is going to give you an odd look should you wear it every day for a week. The use of grey this fall, along with this Tee, can give you a vintage look.

Nike Air Max 90 – $109.99
Nike Tech Fleece Shorts – $69.99

The Come Up

PUMA came correct this summer with a solid collection of reinvigorated classic shoes and some stylish apparel to go with it. For a brand with as much history as this one, they’re still doing a solid job of reconnecting with the street, landing a number of innovative and forward-thinkers to co-sign them, including Rihanna. For those warm days to finish out the summer, you’ll want something from PUMA. This fit sits in that hard-to-reach area where it is both casual and yet more classy than the typical shorts and T-shirt combo.

PUMA Roma Weave – $64.99
PUMA Evo LF Shorts – $39.99
PUMA Geo Splice T-Shirt – $19.99

The Come Up

I’m loving the new lifestyle options from the 3-Stripes. The shoes have been killing for a minute, but now the rest of the brand is catching up too. Sitting in class all day demands comfort, and this 3-Quarter Pant option from adidas will have the females checking and the fellas talking. In the end, that’s what it’s all about. Pair it with a graphic white Tee and the adidas Superstars in a snowy colorway and you’ll feel even better.

adidas Originals Sport Luxe Three Quarter Fleece Pants – $59.99
adidas Originals Graphic T-Shirt – $27.99
adidas Originals Superstar – $79.99

The Come Up

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