The City: Best of Bay Area Style, With @BayAreaShoeHead

The Bay Area is one of the most unique places in the country, a necessary stopping point for anyone visiting the West Coast. It’s also home to many prominent cities such as San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose.

Over the years, the Bay has set itself apart from other cities when it comes to style and culture. Recently, the area’s culture received a major boost through Stephen Curry and the Warriors’ championship run. Curry has impacted the city in more ways than just basketball while having one of the most popular sneakers in the game.

Curry, obviously, is a major influencer for the city and someone who has come to define an entire fanbase. But sneakerheads like @Nightwing2303–who knows a thing or two about the performance of Under Armour‘s Curry line–and @SneakerheadintheBay also impact the city through their YouTube and Instagram channels. [Eds. note: Known as @BayAreaShoeHead on Twitter.]

With Golden State running all over the rest of the NBA and with Curry sporting one of the world’s most hyped sneakers right now, we chopped it up again with noted influencer @Sneakerheadinthebay to learn more about his city, the sneaker culture there, and the style.

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On how sneaker culture and style has evolved in the Bay Area:
“When I was in 8th grade it seemed like the main focus on sneakers was based strictly on Nike SB and Jordan. At the time, both were hot, but as time progressed, Jordans reigned supreme. Currently, Air Jordans are still very popular in the Bay Area, but running shoes seem to be the ‘thing’ lately due to their sleek designs and comfort.”

On what makes the Bay Area unique:
“I haven’t been to many places where an everyday person can spark a conversation with a stranger simply due to the fact that they respect what the other person is rocking on feet. I’ve met a ton of dope people in the past because we share similar interests, and that’s what I like about the Bay. Being that the sneaker culture over here is live and thriving, you never know who you’re going to meet when you throw those shoes on your feet.”

On Stephen Curry’s impact on the city and sneaker culture:
“Curry is most definitely a major icon for many in the Bay Area. Personally, I’ve never really been into his sneakers, but I know his hardcore fans go crazy over them. As far as his impact goes, I can see him influencing the game a lot more as time progresses. It is just a matter of time.”

On what he wants to see more of in the Bay Area:
“In all honesty I feel like Saucony is a brand that is slept on heavily over here. For the quality, comfort, and price of the sneakers, they should be more popular and have a greater presence.”

On what you need to wear to fit in:
“In all honesty, I feel like the Bay Area is the best place to express yourself and your style. I wouldn’t say that there’s a typical fit that you need to ‘fit in,’ but I can let you know how I do it…(laughs) I almost always go with pants that are tapered with that ‘stacked’ look. For the top, I usually keep it plain and simple, but a nice gold chain and a designer watch sets the fit off a bit. When it comes to the shoes, that’s where I let them do the talking…I’m a big fan of outfits that allow the shoes to POP.”

If you had to wear only one fit for the rest of 2016, what would it be?
“I’d probably go with raw denim, Ultra Boosts, a fresh white Tee, and a red flannel.”

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image via Wilson Hui/Flickr Creative Commons