The Best Sneakers to Wear With Cuff Pants

  • Air Jordan 14
  • New Balance 574
  • Nike Roshe Run
  • Converse Chuck Taylor
  • adidas C-10
  • adidas Originals Top 10 High
  • Nike Air Max 2 CB 94
  • Air Jordan 5
  • Nike Air Force 1

It’s easy to go overboard when you get a new pair of dope sneakers. You want to match, wear that new t-shirt, that new cap, anything to help you standout. I used to cop sneakers in college — like the Jordan 5 Grapes, the Mars Jordan 4 and the Mist Blue Jordan 4 — and then grab a matching shirt with a design of the same shoe on it. You need some serious swag to pull it off. I couldn’t do it. Thankfully, there are ways to adjust your outfit so that you’re always on point, always 100. It can start with the pants. If you have a crisp pair of cuff pants, suddenly that matching hoodie looks super dope. Suddenly that matching jersey has girls giving you looks.

The things is, especially with Jordans, nothing looks better than going simple. Get a nice shirt. Cop some accessories to complement it. And roll out like that, with a pair of Jordans on your feet — hopefully ones that have already been worn and are slightly creased up. Sneakers are arguably at their best when you allow them to speak on their own. You don’t necessarily need to dress in all yellow to make the recent Thunder 14s work. You don’t necessarily have to dress in all blue to have people celebrating your look with the new Sport Blue 6s. Keep it simple to step your game up. Once you do that? The sky is the limit. When you have the formula down, hit the mall and cop the gear that’ll have people talking about you all week in school.

You’ll have your chance soon. This weekend, the Black Toe colorway of the Air Jordan 14 is dropping at Champs Sports, and it’s a perfect shoe to wear with cuff pants.

With fall approaching, the perfect season for jeans-plus-sneakers, let’s celebrate with a look at The Best Sneakers to Wear With Cuff Pants.

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