The Best Baseball Walk-Up Songs

  • “Batter Up” - Nelly and the St. Lunatics

    Relevant Lyrics: “I said but now we’re up in the big leagues / My dirty it’s our turn at bat / And just as long as we livin, it’s Lunatics playa / Ain’t nuttin wrong with that, huh – batter up”

    This song needs no explanation. It’s a perfect fit for the up-and-comer making his debut in The Show, reflecting on the struggle of ascending through the minor league ranks. It’s a message to opposing pitchers that their opponent has arrived, and he’s backing down from no one.

    Ideally, said player would be a member of the St. Louis Cardinals, but that’s just an added bonus for a quality baseball song.

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  • "0 To 100" – Drake

    Relevant lyrics: “I go 0 to 100, real quick / Real quick.”

    Speed demons like Reds outfielder Billy Hamilton need to send a warning sign to the defense in front of them. Enter “0 To 100,” an up-tempo track laced with the “spacy,” thumping production that has become the signature of Drake’s production team, led by Noah “40” Shebib.

    The hook is short and catchy, perfect for drawing the attention of your audience. For burners wreaking havoc on the base paths, it’s a song they want still echoing in the heads of the opposing pitcher as they lead off first.

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  • "The Devil Is A Lie" – Rick Ross ft. Jay Z

    Relevant Lyrics: None necessary – just listen to that beat.

    The instrumental to this recent collaboration between Ross and H.O.V.A. is an absolute monster. Produced by Major Seven, the blaring horns and bass on “The Devil Is A Lie” would be worthy of introduction music for Godzilla, let alone your average baseball player. It evokes the image of a hulking power hitter, ready to unleash holy hell onto baseballs, making it the perfect go-to track for cleanup hitters around the league.

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  • "Don’t Kill My Vibe Remix" – Kendrick Lamar ft. Jay Z

    Relevant Lyrics: Just read the title!

    It helps to be paid handsomely, but some players are truly in it for the love of the game. The ballpark is their cathedral. For birds of that feather, K. Dot’s state of mind anthem is a great fit. This track from Compton’s prodigy is relatable for people of all backgrounds, and in this instance it sends a clear message to the pitcher — just throw me fastballs and don’t kill my vibe.

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  • "Type of Way" – Rich Homie Quan

    Relevant Lyrics: “That car I’m driving make you feel some type of way / That custom Breitling make you feel some type of way / Is it because my homies rich you feel some type of way?”

    Quan’s breakout 2013 hit cuts deep on a number of levels as an at-bat song. It’s a quintessential big-spender anthem, a stellar choice for several teams at the top of MLB’s salary list — looking at you, Yankees and Dodgers — looking to antagonize franchises that lean more toward the Moneyball line of thinking. Beyond that, it sets up further mockery of your opponent when your next hit makes them feel some type of way. Just don’t let it backfire.

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  • "I Won" – Future ft. Kanye West

    Relevant lyrics: “Ever since I got with you I feel like I done won me a trophy / A trophy, I won me a trophy”

    Nothing will rile your opponent up more than telling them you won in advance, which is exactly the goal when playing this track. That the message comes via Future’s Auto-Tuned crooning makes it all the more ridiculous — and satisfying — to deem your meeting with the man on the mound an automatic trophy win. Take advantage of mentally weak opponents and psych them out.

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  • "Lonely" – Danny Brown

    Relevant lyrics: “By my god **** self, I don’t need your help, homie / Cause don’t nobody really know me / I said nobody really know me”

    A song for the more introspective type, “Lonely” is a salute to the solitary nature of stepping to the plate, and perhaps some more fuel on the fire for a player going through a slump. In a batter’s darkest hour, there’s only one man who can pick up the pieces and rectify the problem — the player himself. Tips from managers and hitting coaches can only do so much, and the Detroit native’s mellow offering is sure to calm some nerves in a moment of need.

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  • "Trouble On My Mind" – Pusha T ft. Tyler The Creator

    Relevant lyrics: “This is for the critics, who doubted the chemistry / Two different worlds, same symmetry / See the wizardry / When you at the top of your game, you make enemies / You’ll never finish me.”

    There’s only one thing the wielder of this song has planned: Chaos. This is a perfect choice for the free swingers of the world, and in fact, we might have to coax Vlad Guerrero out of retirement to create a perfect match.

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  • "One of Those Nights" – Juicy J and The Weeknd

    Relevant lyrics: “One of those, it’s gon’ be one of those nights”

    The pitcher you’re facing is on the ropes early, sweating after letting a couple runners on. A perfect opportunity to execute a two-step execution of his psyche.

    Step One: Fill his ears with the falsetto notes of The Weeknd, gently reminding him that the agony isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

    Step Two: Step up to the plate and deliver on that promise.

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  • "H.A.M." – Jay Z and Kanye West

    Relevant lyrics: “Bow down, brother pay homage / Don’t spill hate, all on my garments”

    Mike Trout has been known to waltz out to this cut off of Watch The Throne as he goes H.A.M. on teams across MLB; if it’s good enough as a lead-in for the best young player in baseball, perhaps you should look into placing it in your own life playlist.

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  • St. Lunatics
  • Drake
  • Rick Ross
  • Kendrick Lamar
  • Rich Homie Quan
  • Future
  • Danny Brown
  • Tyler The Creator
  • The Weeknd
  • Kanye West, Jay Z

From the most important games in the Majors all the way down to the Little League World Series, baseball provides the soundtrack for a season unlike any other sport. The crack of a bat, organs playing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame,” and the emphatic smack of fastballs into catcher mitts are part of the aesthetic of an American summer. Though the sounds of baseball are a part of our cultural fabric, the boys of summer use at-bat music — Drake, Rick Ross, Disturbed, Metallica, and even… Brantley Gilbert? — to sprinkle some chaos and individuality into the routine.

Baseball has been stuck in tradition for a long, long time, sacrificing a wider audience to stick to , but at least here they are willing to compromise. Different players have different needs as they approach the plate, which is what makes each walk-up selection so compelling. Those looking to get pumped up might turn to some hard rock or aggressive hip-hop, while some R&B might be needed to calm down the twitchier batsmen. MLB’s global player base provides a little something for everyone to enjoy at the ballpark… at least for a few seconds, and every once in a while, such as with Mariano Rivera‘s iconic “Enter Sandman,” a player’s choice can take on a life of its own.

What makes a good at-bat song? Because music is so subjective, there’s no right or wrong answer. But we’ll do our best. Let’s explore some hip-hop and R&B selections that fit a niche for some major leaguers. Here are The Best Baseball Walk-Up Songs.

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