The 20 NBA Draft Prospects With The Best Style

  • Jordan Adams
    20. Jordan Adams

    One of the Pac-12’s best scorers over the past two seasons with averages of 15.3 and 17.4 points per game, the 19-year-old Adams should make some noise in the NBA. On Instagram? He stays dipped in UCLA blue and gold, and probably posts more game stills than anything else.

    However, every once in a while the kid can get dressed up and nail it. Then there’s the #TBT he once posted of himself and his dad in matching Chicago Bulls outfits–the full uniform and everything. Classic.

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  • Doug McDermott
    19. Doug McDermott

    I’m assuming most wouldn’t expect to see Dougie Fresh make this list, considering his game is pretty old school. Well, according to his IG, you’re probably right. He doesn’t switch things up too often, preferring to stick to warm-ups and basketball gear, mainly in his school’s colors.

    The future top-10 pick has a lot of photos with friends and family, and most are about as candid as you’ll get. He won’t be outdressing Westbrook anytime soon, but this dude certainly isn’t Matt Bonner, either.

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  • Dwight Powell
    18. Dwight Powell

    An intriguing prospect on the court who can play both power forward and center as one of the tallest players in this class, Powell hails from Stanford, a school not known for producing fashion icons. (Unless you want to include Robin Lopez‘s hair.) Somehow, he overcame that, rocking everything from skinny button-ups to beach tank tops and doing it all with self-assured confidence.

    His swag might not stand out, but it gets the job done. That’s often more important than anything.

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  • Zach LaVine
    17. Zach LaVine

    LaVine is the next underutilized talent at UCLA destined to become a big-time NBA player. Think Jrue Holiday, Matt Barnes, and Russell Westbrook…maybe even Kevin Love, too. All of them became much better once they finished up at UCLA. LaVine didn’t even start this year, but he has supreme hops, ultra confidence, the ability to play both guards spots, and a knockdown J.

    He’s also pretty stylish, too, flaunting some of his new celebrity through Instagram. Still, his look will always be overshadowed by his dunking videos, which pop up on his account every few weeks.

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  • Shabazz Napier
    16. Shabazz Napier

    Early in his collegiate career, Shabazz developed a reputation for being a bit of a problem, aloft and selfish. That storyline has since changed since he lead UConn to a national championship this past season. According to what you see on his Instagram, it was probably a little overblown anyway.

    Most loners don’t go out of their way to post so many goofy pictures on social media. But this 6-1 guard is constantly posting images that’ll make you laugh. His style–which is a little all over the place–isn’t outstanding, but the way he pulls it off is.

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  • Glenn Robinson III
    15. Glenn Robinson III

    Glenn Robinson III better know how to dress, considering his family’s history. The Michigan forward’s draft stock slipped a little bit during his sophomore year as he failed to separate himself from the competition and didn’t improve much from his first year. He was simply average, to put it best.

    In terms of style, GRIII keeps it pretty traditional, going for a lot of long-sleeved shirts and hoodies. Expect his versatility to improve both on and off the court once he finds his way onto a team this year.

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  • 14. Aaron Gordon

    Always repping the Bay Area, Aaron Gordon even sort of looks like a surfer, constantly rocking the hats pointed back and tank tops.

    The high-flyer might be the best dunker in this entire draft class, but he’s not a huge social media guru. Yet. With only 36 posts, it’s tough to grade his versatility, but if some team out West drafts him, look for him to keep stylin’ in the warm weather as only he can.

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  • P.J. Hairston
    13. P.J. Hairston

    Hairston is a little bit of an unknown since leaving North Carolina before last season. We do know he can score, having consistently lit up Carolina-area summer leagues against good competition, and averaging nearly 15 points in fewer than 24 minutes per game in 2012-13 for the Tar Heels. Sometimes, having a niche is all it takes to get into the first round and get a guaranteed contract.

    Hairston is constantly rocking new release Jordans. Check out his IG to see the Snakeskin 11s, the Venom Green 10s, the Carmine 6s, and the Concord 2s. That’s just the beginning, too.

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  • Jarnell Stokes
    12. Jarnell Stokes

    Tennessee’s Stokes is a beast on the court, looking like a cross between Charles Barkley and Julius Peppers. It’s no wonder he seemed like Sir Charles’ favorite player during the NCAA tournament.

    But in terms of style, Stokes is much more versatile, and slightly less of a bully. He can pull off the grown man ready to steal your girl look, but he can dumb it down too in order to fit whatever the occasion is. That’s a nice gift to have.

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  • Joel Embiid
    11. Joel Embiid

    Joel Embiid is the classic case of a big fella who has too much fun. He never takes himself too seriously and that attitude lets him pull off a number of style looks that might not otherwise work.

    Embiid’s IG is littered with images on the seven-footer wearing suits, but he can also dress down and fit right in, as he does above. In this new generation, even the big guys can dress.

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  • Mitch McGary
    10. Mitch McGary

    Another Michigan cat with some style, McGary spent much of the past season showcasing his suits from the bench. He missed basically all of last season with injuries, and then declared for the draft after it was reported he failed a drug test during the NCAA tournament. Still, it sounds like a team may have already given him a promise at the end of the first round.

    McGary’s style might remind you of the inner city hipster or young professional. Posing in black-rimmed glasses and overcoats, the 6-10 forward busts out some LeBrons every once in a while too so he can keep us on our toes.

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  • Jabari Parker
    9. Jabari Parker

    The best all-around player in the draft right now isn’t the best dressed. But Parker gets down by working a carefree, regular guy style. You won’t find much other than hoodies and sweatpants, warm-up suits, and tees on his IG. Then again, maybe he’s telling us something? Maybe all of these “just got back from working out” looks are telling us exactly what we need to know? That Parker loves basketball more than anything else, and won’t fail in the NBA due to a lack of effort. He gets extra points for that.

    He also gets extra points for all his kicks, ranging from Miami Vice LeBron 9s to Jordan 8s to evenĀ Balenciaga Arenas.

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  • Nik Stauskas
    8. Nik Stauskas

    Stauskas is a much better player than you think, a complete guard that can score off the bounce, shoot it, and create for others. Once his body catches up to his skill-set, you’re looking at the next Mike Miller.

    He dresses better than you might think, too, styling all over Instagram with collared shirts and button-ups. Plus, when you have straight dime pieces all over your photos, it always makes you look better.

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  • Andrew Wiggins
    7. Andrew Wiggins

    Wiggins is already a celebrity, getting name-dropped in Drake songs and taking photos with Kanye West. And he acts–or at least dresses–like he’s in the league already, too. For a man bound to be one of the top three picks this Thursday, there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Wiggins has known he’d be a top pick since perhaps his sophomore year of high school, so he’s experienced when it comes to perfecting how fans view him.

    If you’re getting the 6-8 beanpole in a photo, you’re getting bling around the neck, diamond studs in the ears, a slick watch, and snapbacks. Those are his go-tos.

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  • Adreian Payne
    6. Adreian Payne

    Who says big men can’t dress? Sure, they don’t normally sell sneakers like the smaller cats but not everyone needs to dress like Tim Duncan.

    Michigan State’s Payne loves fitteds, snapbacks, and sneakers, and has a presence that screams for you to notice. That’s what you get when you’re 23. He looks older than most of the guys in this class and he dresses like it too.

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  • Tyler Ennis
    5. Tyler Ennis

    Yeah, I went to Syracuse. So what? Ennis can dress, and just like most of the Orange stars who make the NBA, he has a dope sneaker closet.

    Being that he hails from all that cold weather, Ennis is constantly rocking some zippered sweatshirts, hoodies, and jacket vests. Still, even if that isn’t your style, he has kicks for days.

    That’s his dad he’s standing with. That taste for hot shoes must run in the family.

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  • Julius Randle
    4. Julius Randle

    Kentucky’s best player is possibly the best prospect available outside of the Big 3 in Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, and Joel Embiid. At 6-9 and 250 pounds, he has some of the quickest feet I’ve ever seen for an NBA power forward. But on Instagram, none of that matters. All that matters is Randle is flourishing.

    It probably has something to do with the fact that Julius looks like a grown ass man, but Randle dresses like one, too, with a self-assured confidence that only comes when you know you’re the best at what you do.

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  • Jerami Grant
    3. Jerami Grant

    I swear Grant has the longest wingspan Jay Bilas has ever seen. At this year’s draft combine, he measured nearly 6-8, with a wingspan of 7-2.75. Not quite KD length, but close enough.

    “Wingspan” might turn you into a draft night joke, but on the court, it’s one of the keys to making it. You can be Tayshaun Prince on defense with a long wingspan, and on offense, don’t even think about consistently finishing at the rim unless you have a long reach.

    It helps when you’re talking clothes, too. There’s a reason why tall, lean cats can make just about anything look smooth, making those rounds mounds of muscle you see every day at the gym curse their bad luck. Grant succeeds in this, flaunting a personal style on IG that reminds a lot of D-Wade. You’ll see him rocking fitted suits, bow ties, and leather t-shirts, and doing it all like someone who’s a professional already.

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  • Noah Vonleh
    2. Noah Vonleh

    Vonleh was probably the most overlooked great freshman in the country last year, and now scouts are finally getting a handful.

    The fastest riser in the draft, Indiana’s 6-10 big man is getting Chris Bosh comparisons. He even looks a little like the Heat power player.

    However on Instagram, Vonleh stands out by toeing the line between street and suite, rocking tailored suits and sneakers with the same swag. The dude is a big fan of Jordans, too. His IG page hasn’t been around for very long, and already he’s been seen rocking the 3s, 5s, and 11s.

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  • Russ Smith
    1. Russ Smith

    There’s no player in this draft class more entertaining to follow than Russ Smith. Whether he’s posting images suggesting Jason is the greatest birth control remedy out there or selfies from anywhere and everywhere, the 6-0 guard guard certainly knows how to play the game.

    He also owns a confident fashion sense, looking comfortable in hoodies, skin-tight tees, and even suit hats. The Big Sean lookalike figures to be a spark off the bench in the league. He’ll be more than on social media.

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  • Jordan Adams
  • Doug McDermott
  • Dwight Powell
  • Zach LaVine
  • Shabazz Napier
  • Glenn Robinson III
  • P.J. Hairston
  • Jarnell Stokes
  • Joel Embiid
  • Mitch McGary
  • Jabari Parker
  • Nik Stauskas
  • Andrew Wiggins
  • Adreian Payne
  • Tyler Ennis
  • Julius Randle
  • Jerami Grant
  • Noah Vonleh
  • Russ Smith

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and nowhere is that more apparent than in our adoration for sports idols.

Back in the day, you went out into your backyard or down to the park and crossed over like Iverson, shot buzzer-beaters like Jordan, passed like J-Will. But nowadays, through the explosion of Twitter, Instagram, and Vine, to be “next” means you need more than game. You need style and a following.

With the countdown to the NBA Draft officially here–this Thursday night!!–it’s time you got to know these players off the floor as well. You’ll see the next Westbrook, the next Wade, and maybe even the next Tim Duncan in here. It doesn’t mean they’ll be as good on the court… but that’s only half the battle anyway.

Here are the 20 NBA prospects in this year’s draft with the best style.

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