The 10 NFL Players That Will Have the Best PE Footwear This Season

  • Cam Newton
    Cam Newton

    The man who once received the largest sneaker deal ever for an NFL rookie, Newton is the headliner for Under Armour and consistently sports amazing cleats on the field. Everyone at this point knows about the “Super Cam” joints that dominated talk around the Panthers’ divisional playoff game last year, but you know UA has a few more tricks up its sleeve.

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  • Earl Bennett
    Earl Bennett

    Bennett might not have a team right now after recently being released by Cleveland, but someone needs to give him a shot just as a hat-tip to sneakerheads everywhere.

    Last season with the Bears, Bennett earned his stripes by wearing illegal cleats not just once, but twice in back-to-back weeks! The all-orange joints earned him $10,000 in fine money. It’s not like we’ll be seeing any “Banned” commercials for Bennett anytime soon but he’s earned this spot. Now let’s see him earn a roster spot.

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  • Darrelle Revis
    Darrelle Revis

    Revis might be the NFL’s biggest sneakerhead, and that starts with him being one of the few players that has his own sneaker: the Nike Revis Trainer. Both on and off the field, the new New England Patriot knows how to look good. His Instagram page looks like something you’d find on a NikeTalk user.

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  • Robert Griffin III

    Washington’s leader and the adidas headliner just launched his signature trainer, the adidas RG3 Energy Boost. During the season, we can expect the offensive dynamo to get laced in a few different colorways. In the past, he’s honored his mother with signature Mother’s Day cleats, been given fruity “birthday” cleats, worn adiZero 5-Star all-gold versions to the NFL Combine, and even got hooked up with a Redskin-themed Crazy 8 sneaker.

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  • Patrick Peterson
    Patrick Peterson

    Peterson might not have the biggest stash of kicks in the NFL, but when it comes to Sundays, no one is more entertaining. He is a must follow for cleats during the season. He’s worn Nike Diamond Turfs. He’s worn cleats painted with Charlie Brown. He’s worn the Nike Air DT Max 96. (The guy obviously loves Deion.) And his Pro Bowl cleats were just ridiculous. We expect big things from this dude this year, on the field and on the ‘gram.


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  • Michael Crabtree
    Michael Crabtree

    The Jordan athlete is known for PE cleats, recently working out in the VI as well as two different colorways of the XII. In the past, it was a pair of XX8 custom cleats.

    Off the field? Crabtree spreads the love around a little bit, often sporting Christian Louboutin and Balenciaga during his down time. But if you’re a shoe fan, you need to be checking this dude’s feet every Sunday just to see what Air Jordan they flip next.

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  • Andre Johnson
    Andre Johnson

    A longtime Jordan Brand athlete, Johnson has been wearing Jordan cleats for years. From his Super.Fly “Dre 80” PEs to his Texans-colored IXs to the Pro Bowl XX8s he broke out last year, this dude brings it as hard as anyone on the field.

    Off of it, Johnson doesn’t quite stack up to some of the competition but that doesn’t mean he won’t drop some heat from time to time. Being on Jordan and getting almost all of the releases, as well as a few that we’ll never get our hands on, definitely puts him in rare air.

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  • Victor Cruz
    Victor Cruz

    Was there any question the Giants wide receiver would make this list? When it comes to sneakerheads in the NFL, no one has a bigger name than Cruz. He’s always wearing Nike on the field, but off of it? You’ll find Jordans, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, customs, and even high-end fashion joints that’ll have Russell Westbrook doing a double-take.

    Cruz is deep in the fashion game, and you can see that in his footwear choices. But the man is still a sneakerhead at heart and he’s a must-follow for any NFL sneaker fans.

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  • Joe Haden
    Joe Haden

    Haden’s going to be overshadowed by all the hoopla around Johnny Manziel this year, but the real fans know what he brings to the table: unbreakable coverage as one of the five best cornerbacks in the league… and a ridiculous passion for kicks. We saw him wear Huarache cleats. We saw him wear Jordan III cleats. We saw him wear Red Octobers, though thankfully not on the field. What’s next for the former Gator? We’re not sure, but his sneaker closest is so ridiculous that we can’t wait to see.

    Best story involving Cleveland’s top talent? He once traded a pair of his cleats for some Foamposites so he could play in a charity basketball game.

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  • Von Miller
    Von Miller

    Miller likes to style himself as a new-age fashion guru, which is why it’s funny how he responded when I asked him about it: “Sometimes I don’t even iron my clothes. I just grab it, just me being me. I wear clothes. I don’t let the clothes wear me.”

    Sometimes we forget that simple is dope. Maybe this is his style? Maybe that makes sense for him? Then when you check out his Instagram, you’ll notice him wearing stuff like the adidas Jeremy Scotts and immediately realize that, yes, this does work for him. He’s different. He’s unique. And he’s eccentric enough that we follow his shoe game each week.

    On the field, Miller wore the adidas Crazyquick Football Cleat for long portions of his shortened 2013 season. We can’t wait to see what he’ll pull off next.

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  • Cam Newton
  • Earl Bennett
  • Darrelle Revis
  • Patrick Peterson
  • Michael Crabtree
  • Andre Johnson
  • Victor Cruz
  • Joe Haden
  • Von Miller

Because cleats are a lot less accessible than sneakers, the NFL isn’t quite the style juggernaut that the NBA is. But that’s okay, and in fact gives them a lane all to their own.

NFL player exclusives are definitely on the rise, however, and Carolina’s Cam Newton might’ve intensified the rush by warming up in his Under Armour ClutchFit Highlight “Super Cam” cleats before last year’s divisional playoff round.

Between Newton, Robert Griffin III and his new signature adidas RG3 Boost Trainer, as well as other consistent sneakerheads like Patrick Peterson, Darrelle Revis, and Earl Bennett, 2014 is going to be the best year yet for footwear in the NFL. It’ll truly start this Friday when three different colorways of the RB3 Boost Trainer — all-black, all-white, and a “Copperas Cove High School” edition — release at Champs Sports. Get yourself ready by seeing whose feet you should be watching this year.

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