Champs Sports Presents :24 – Style You Will Adopt Soon From the NBA’s Tastemakers and Trendsetters

  • Iman Shumpert


    Wild hairstyles

    Made famous by Jean-Michel Basquiat in the ’80s and since popularized by The Weeknd, the “Basquiat” hairstyle is a unique expression that drives home the grunge look. Basquiat’s affinity for constant experimentation is something NBA players are using as “hairspiration.” Just as Iman Shumpert or Kelly Oubre Jr.

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  • @cp3

    Premium lifestyle signature sneakers

    As always, the NBA’s influence on sneaker culture is extraordinary, but these days off-court kicks are just as important as what to wear during the game. To this end, NBA stars will no doubt lead a charge toward more “lifestyle” kicks this season.

    This is apparent on a couple levels. The LeBron 12 Lifestyle was a popular and versatile shoe that has inspired some other athletes with signatures to dip into more “premium” shoe looks. The all-suede version of the Jordan CP3.IX is evidence of the way this trend is headed. Russell Westbrook–known mostly for his off-the-wall outfits walking down the pregame tunnel–has also hinted at getting involved in this trend with posts on the ‘gram about his own signature line with JB.

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  • James Harden adidas


    New looks for old classics

    One of the biggest effects of Harden’s move to adidas isn’t the potential of his signature shoe, but what he can do for adidas’ entire catalog. While they’ve got a long history of clean and “classic” sneakers, they’ve perhaps taken a backseat to flashier high-tops and crazy colorways in recent history.

    Harden looks excited to be getting access to the entire adidas catalog, and judging by his Instagram, he’s going to have a boatload of options at his disposal. Look for a reemergence of classics like the Superstar, Stan Smith, and many more, silhouettes that already have built-in momentum from recent collaborations with celebrities like Pharrell.

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  • @russwest44


    Do a crisp pair of Timberlands ever go out of style? The NBA’s return coincides with fall really getting going, and as the calendar turns to winter, the league’s stars need shoes that can carry them through cold, snowy nights across America. Some stars are so excited to bust out their boots that they couldn’t even get through the summer without showing some pairs off–now that’s love.

    You can count Kanye‘s influence as a big part of this.

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  • John Wall


    Bucket Hats

    Hat trends come and go, as displayed by the reemergence of snapbacks over the last five to seven years. The fitted hat took over the game completely by the mid-2000s, only for new head-space competition to unfold.

    While those two duke it out for the baseball-style hat crown, an old challenger has returned as of late–the bucket hat. It might not function the same or have the same “classic” look as a ballcap, but the bucket hat is taking the step from “alternative” fashion to more of a regular choice for NBA stars.

    Not everyone will be a fan, but it’s distinct in a way that sets it apart from some of the competition, which is the name of the game in the fashion world. John Wall and LeBron appear to be among the frontrunners in this movement.

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  • LeBron James


    Top hats

    You can blame Future if you want, considering his penchant for rocking cowboy-styled hats in almost any setting. But NBA players are beginning to accept the look as well, albeit in a slightly less alarming fashion. With the preppy look bound to start trending once again very soon, this is something that makes sense as an added accessory to any date night look. It’s also not for everybody, however.

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  • Dwyane Wade


    Different jogger/sweatpant combinations

    Joggers and sweatpants are more accepted than ever before as viable streetwear pieces, and among NBA players that translates to a number of different style approaches. Fleece. High-cut joggers. Sweatpants worn casually and dressed up with premium jackets. Even leggings are crossing over from performance to style. Old heads will remember when the whole shorts-over-sweatpants look was embraced by the culture in the 1980s. Well, it’s coming back in a big way.

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  • @russwest44

    Slimmer-Cut Shorts

    We’ve come a long way from the hip-hugging shorts of the 1980s–and thank goodness for that–but it seems like a market correction may be on the horizon. You won’t catch NBA stars going back to short shorts anytime soon, but a more “fitting” short trend might be in the cards moving forward.

    During the offseason, we’ve seen this pop up off the court with guys like Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant, but also in workout shots by guys like Wade. This is mostly a preference thing, as some players will always prefer the freedom of movement that baggier shorts offer, but expect some more diversity in short selection.

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  • @dwyanewade

    Stance Socks

    They’ve only been available in retail for the last five years, but if you’re not familiar with Stance Socks at this stage of the game, you’re already behind the times. And unlike in years past, you’ll get to see their product on NBA stars on and off the court this season.

    Known primarily for their eye-catching, image-laden socks, Stance will emerge on a new platform this season–they will be the official sock provider for the NBA, bringing their profile to a worldwide level every single night.

    Players like Dwyane Wade have already shown their excitement for the new providers via social media, and you can bet the profile of the upstart company will continue to rise given this high-profile partnership. The question is if the NBA will be as lenient with on-court socks as they’ve been with on-court kicks recently; might we see a Sixer rocking socks with a picture of Allen Iverson on them?

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  • Iman Shumpert
  • James Harden adidas
  • John Wall
  • LeBron James
  • Dwyane Wade

More so than in any other league, game takes on a vital role in the NBA. It isn’t just about making shots or playing defense. It’s about staying fly for the cameras, crowds, and fans. In the week leading off to tipoff for the 2015-16 NBA season, this will be the only preview you need. At Champs Sports, we know game. We can see it in the sneakers. The uniforms. The sounds. The faces. The fans. We see it everywhere. Get schooled on what’s going to happen next.


NBA players share a unique relationship with fans that simply cannot be matched by athletes in other professional sports. This is thanks to the heavy face time players get with the adoring public; while we get close-ups with football stars between games, basketball players have their faces and gear front and center inside and outside the playing field.

It’s no wonder, then, that basketball players have become trendsetters in their own right. Just as LeBron James can draw attention for a pair of kicks he wore on the court, he brings in eyes off the court with his high-level fashion and sneaker choices.

We’ve also reached the point where many players can be considered style icons and contributors to the fashion scene. James Harden’s new megadeal with adidas stems largely from the fact that he’s made waves for his gear off the court–though the runner-up finish for last year’s MVP award certainly doesn’t hurt.

In the social media, 24-7 news coverage era, you can not only rock the same kicks as your favorite player but dress like him too. If mirroring your favorite baller is something that interests you, Champs Sports has a few trends we’ve noticed that you might want to adopt into your wardrobe.

As part of our week-long preview coverage of the best basketball league in the world, this is Style You Will Adopt Soon From the NBA’s Tastemakers and Trendsetters.

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