Take It Back to the Basics With the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star

Versatility in a sneaker is key, especially in 2015. More of us are wearing sneakers every day, whether to work or school or anything else, and if the shoe can’t fit into that narrow alcove between casual and professional — like two of the best examples from last year, the Nike Roshe Run and the adidas ZX Flux — then it becomes a problem.

And no one ever said rocking the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star was a problem.

The shoe has been around since 1917, and an unfathomable 98 years later it still finds fans throughout the world. No, it’s not designed for high performance anymore, as it was back then. It’s more about style, and go into any city in America and you’ll find skaters and metal heads and hipsters and grownups and even rappers wearing them. Back when it first started out, even before basketball player Charles “Chuck” Taylor gave it a name, the rubber-soled shoe was intended for use in soccer and netball. Over the years, even after outfitting USA Olympic basketball teams, the shoe transitioned into streetwear, where everyone from Ice Cube to Kurt Cobain embraced them.

Now available at Champs Sports, just in time for spring, there is a whole new collection available, ranging from the classic white to black to even red and navy. Even now, with sneakerheads flaunting increasingly exotic and wild colorways, it’s important to have at least a few pairs of the classics in your closet. It’ll help set you apart if you’re on the East Coast. And if you’re on the West Coast, well, this probably isn’t news to you anyway considering how much people love this shoe out there. Either way, don’t miss out on copping this year.

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