A Shoe for the Summer: The Nike Roshe Run “Breathe”

Trying to stay cool this summer? Look no further than the “Breathe” version of the Nike Roshe Run, part of a pack now available at Champs Sports. Always lightweight. Always breathable. The Roshe Run quickly turned itself into a contender to the throne for sneakerheads when it first released in 2012 and its momentum hasn’t stopped since. It’s a perfect sneaker for anyone trying to stunt in 2015, a stripped-down silhouette that offers anyone–no matter how short on swag–the chance to wear it every day. Seriously, that’s the biggest advantage of owning this shoe. You can not only wear it anywhere but you can wear it with any style. Jeans. Joggers. Fleece shorts. Athletic shorts. It looks good no matter what.

The Roshe Run is continuing a long line of lifestyle silhouettes that made their name by taking the simple approach. Whereas it’s still always fun nowadays to cop a new pair of LeBrons or Kobe‘s latest sig, the problem is that you can’t always wear them. They almost always feature so much technology and so much inspiration that, inevitably, it can be hard to mix and match with certain outfits. The Roshe Run, however, works with literally anything.

It was last summer when Nike originally dropped its first “Breathe” pack for both men and women, the highlight then also being the Roshe Run, outfitted as it was by a two-toned grey upper and a mango sole. This time it’s coming back again. If you somehow missed out at this time last year, now is the perfect opportunity to make things right.

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