Styles Upon Styles: The Nike Sportswear Premium Collection

Nike has a long history of performance sneakers crossing over and becoming lifestyle products. From the entire Air Max series to Air Jordans to even rugged basketball performance sneakers like what the Swoosh was providing Charles Barkley during the 1990s, Nike, much more consistently than any other brand, has been able to do that year after year.

The latest heat to drop at Champs Sports, at the perfect time of the year, is a premium collection coming in all black, outfitting the Nike Air Max 1 and Air Max 90 in a different look. These are classic silhouettes with their roots in running culture, and both of them have been able to make the transition to popular culture.

Despite being over two decades old, both of these sneakers features a unique distinction that made it stand out during the time of release. The original Air Max was so different that designer Tinker Hatfield has actually admitted that Nike executives weren’t happy about it up until the last minute. A shoe with a hole in it? No one believed it would sell. Later when the Air Max 90 came out, it helped Infrared take off as a prominent sneaker colorway.

Nike has dozens of classic sneaker, but the Air Max 90 and the original Air Max are two of the best and are pillars of perhaps the greatest shoe line ever created. Despite both of them being around 25 years old, they still resonate. In sneaker culture, there’s no such thing as too old.



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