Style Points: Zach LaVine Takes Dunking to a New Level: Mark Wahlberg Teases a Special Sneaker Collab

Hearing Magic Johnson scream “The dunk contest is back!” every February got old about six or seven years ago. Truth be told, the dunk contest never really went away; we just weren’t drawing the biggest names anymore. That’s what the fans wanted and because of a numbers of factors, it was impossible to quench that thirst.

But now? I’m not sure we even need LeBron James and his like. We have Zach LaVine, a soon-to-be NBA sophomore who might–before it’s all said and done–be taking the art of dunking to places it has never gone before.

While LaVine is getting ready for next season in Minnesota, players like LeBron and J.R. Smith are gearing up for a shot at a championship and a chance to dethrone the NBA’s current MPP, (most popular player) Stephen Curry. Add in a new logo for the Atlanta Hawks and a special edition sneaker that looks like it’s about to blow people’s minds and it’s definitely a fun time in sports. Remember, it’s never about what you do but how you do it, and in today’s Style Points: Zach LaVine Takes Dunking to a New Level: Mark Wahlberg Teases a Special Sneaker Collab. Check it out below.

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It’s quite obvious that LaVine is going to take dunking to another level. He’s a 20-year-old kid who is still all skin and bones, and yet has effortless bounce that lets him do things like catch 70-foot football passes and dunk them with ease. That’s harder than it looks–much harder than an alley-oop with a basketball, considering the size of the ball. Either way, all I want to see over the next few years is Zach doing anything and everything to push the art of dunking to a new place. He has the skills. He still has youth. Can Vince Carter retire and become an assistant coach up in Minnesota to teach the young fella his tricks?

Zach LaVine


Smith has been an animal throughout the playoffs, clapping back at his former team for basically discarding him as if he was trash, and then torching the Hawks for three huge games in Cleveland’s sweep. Look at these numbers from that series: 18 points and 7.5 rebounds per game against Atlanta on shooting splits of 50/47/80. Swish is doing exactly what Cleveland brought him here to do, and he’s adding a little extra icing on top by doing things like this: Interrupting press conferences to drop the ill selfie on everyone. He’s been one of our favorite players of these playoffs.


What’s the King doing throughout the playoffs this year? Oh, the gravity-defying force of nature is only throwing up a cool 28/10/8 while playing nearly 41 minutes a game, leading the Cavs to a 12-2 steamroll of the Eastern Conference. All of that talk about the world’s best player slowing down appears to be for naught. To back it up, James once again has the most popular jersey in the NBA, edging out MVP Stephen Curry and others like Kobe Bryant and Derrick Rose. Cleveland’s savior gets literal style points on this one.

LeBron James
Jason Miller/Getty Images


And then we have the Hawks, recently vanquished in the Eastern Conference Finals by LeBron’s Cavs. They have unveiled a new primary logo and it is LIT, even if it looks very similar to recent submissions by both Brooklyn and Toronto. Can we talk about how dope it is mixing red and white? It’s simple, classic, and elegant. I’d rock gear from this squad all day, especially now that they are actually a fun team to watch again.

Atlanta Hawks new logo


I’m not the only one who’s mentally preparing himself for what is going to be an amazing edition to the Entourage legacy. I was late to the party while the show was still going on, but quickly caught up and, naturally, fell in love. Now it’s about to FINALLY release in theaters and my body is so ready. Jordan Brand is apparently ready, too. Mark Wahlberg, one of the movie’s producers, and his wife, Rhea, teased a new collab with the Jordan CP3.VIII AE as the base. The shoe features the movie logo on the back of the tongue and an embroidered silhouette of the movie’s crew on the other side.

Jordan CP3.VIII AE "Entourage"