Style Points: Team USA Is Ready for Gold; NFL Preseason Starts With a Bang

It will be the end of summer before you know it. For some, that means the end of sprawling through a vacation and back to school, work or whatever your day-to-day consists of. For athletes, the summer affords no time off. The offseason is an opportunity for the greats to become even better, which is a scary thought, and judging from the look of things, with access and open coverage across different social media platforms, the competition is heating up before we get to the start of the regular season in the NFL and NBA.

This past week, minicamps opened up for Team USA basketball with players taking light scrimmages…but not without the stars coming out to impress. Stephen Curry showed off some fancy footwork and his unguardable quick release while ‘Melo put his crazy pivot game on display. You know, all things we’ve come to expect by now.

In NFL news, Week 1 of the NFL preseason kicked off with a first look at much of this year’s draft class. It would be wise to hold back your judgment ’till the end of preseason when first-year players have had time to acclimate to the speed and force of the game on the pro level. Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota need to brush up before they face off during Week 1 of the regular season.

Truly though, two things matter in the preseason: winning jobs and staying healthy. Although Rex Ryan was axed as the Jets head coach last year, he left behind an unbarred circus and starring in it this past week was Geno Smith by showing us what it’s like after becoming lockjaw’d. Adding to the early tragedy (tragedy equals comedy-plus-time) at the QB position for the Jets was Ryan, neatly making game from his new post as the Buffalo Bills head coach by signing LB IK Enemkpali soon after he was released by the Jets. As it stands currently, he still has a roster spot with the Bills and Rex still keeps a surprise or two in his arsenal.

Without waiting any longer, let’s jump right into it. In this week’s edition of Style Points: Team USA Is Ready for Gold; NFL Preseason Starts With a Bang.

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The boys of USA basketball haven’t even turned up yet in international play but best believe they’re going to do damage on the court when the time finally comes. In this video from Hoopmixtape, we get to pick who’s smoothest and most spectacular of the lot. Unless you let your personal bias make the pick, it won’t be easy…

Stephen Curry

Whether in a sling or brace, it doesn’t matter. The Mamba is ever slithering and encroaching, especially on rookies. So when you think it’s okay for a rookie to come into town and horse around on social media, even with something as innocent as D’Angelo Russell stating his opinion on Twitter of T-Mac being the GOAT, sorry but the Mamba isn’t impressed and wants you (and everyone) to know it. Get right and keep quiet. The Mamba still runs L.A.

Kobe Bryant

I have to admit, this one is comical and almost makes you feel sorry for Matt Barnes. Barnes, a villain on the defensive end, might have had his best “lockdown” performance yet by netting the beautiful chanteuse Rihanna. (Who would have thought, right?) But oh no, in the most deprecating fashion, she took to Instagram to clear the air on rumors by utilizing our society’s best new weapon, hashtags. Sorry dude, she owns the truth (and gets Style Points for it), and shame on you for #hurtingherfeelings.


Mache is keeping strong on the customizing end. This time around he’s made his mark on two really heralded kicks: the Yeezy 750 Boost and the Nike Air Mag (aka Marty McFlys) by doing them up both in a Toy Story theme. If I were a kid, I’d probably sell my milk bottle privileges for a pair of each but as an adult, I don’t know how I feel about them yet. Nonetheless, impressive job and even more kudos for daring to touch-up both of those models. I just hope they weren’t a size 9!

adidas Yeezy Boost, Nike Air Mag Toy Story

There were a ton of highlights through Week 1 in the NFL preseason. From Manziel, Tebow, and Winston all running in scores to Josh Shirley absolutely lighting up St. Louis quarterback Austin Davis, it was a perfect start to the year for those of us just here for the fun rather than the blood, sweat, and tears of being a fan.

The best highlight, though, had to be Seattle’s Tyler Lockett’s 103-yard kickoff return. The third round rookie was all over the field on special teams and during his long TD, he got the Seahawks head coach so excited that Pete Carroll actually got run over by a referee. Carroll joked to that “I thought Lockett’s 83-yard touchdown was pretty good. See, I didn’t see the last 20.”