Style Points: Tom Brady is Unstoppable; the New Jordan Sneakers You’ll Never Get

  • Tom Brady
    Tom Brady

    Just when they thought it was all over…Tom Brady resurrected the Patriots and his career. Earlier this season, amid reports that he was fighting with the coaches, many speculated that Brady’s time as a top quarterback was over. Yet ever since then, this dude has made a complete fool of them, lighting up the Bengals, Bills, Jets, Bears, and Broncos for 18 touchdowns and just one interception while leading the Patriots to an undefeated record.

    On top of all that, he’s flourishing on Instagram with Gisele Bündchen. The guy is just a swagger beast.

    To top it all off, he went out recently and destroyed Peyton Manning and the Broncos.

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  • Charlotte Hornets PEs
    Michael Jordan PEs

    Michael Jordan took over the Hornets’ Twitter feed recently and held it down exactly as you’d expect he would. The highlight was a closet of Air Jordan player exclusives, done up in Charlotte colors. If they ever release this stuff…OMG. It’d be all over for my bank account. Between the purple, teal, and white-based sneakers, pretty much every single one of these is too clean.

    Jordan wore the Jordan XIII to opening night, and his team rewarded him with a come-from-behind overtime win.

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  • Drake

    During opening night in Toronto, Drake got blessed with a ridiculously dope “We the North” Toronto Raptors jacket, complete with the “6” stitched into the sleeves. If we had that joint, we’d be rocking it every day. It’s hot up in the “6” right now.

    Drake also dropped three new jams from out of nowhere. All three of the tracks are flames, too.

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  • Nerlens Noel
    Dancing NBA players

    Okay, we all know Nerlens Noel can dance. He’s been all over social media lately, most likely celebrating his long-awaited return from his knee injury. And we all at least know Damian Lillard can rap. But what about these two flossing like this?

    Noel dropped a sick step during some Philadelphia 76ers rookie orientation and had the whole crowd buzzing, while Lillard went on “Conan” and dropped the Shmoney Dance. (He rapped a little bit, too.) “The Noel” is about to shut it down in clubs all year around Philadelphia, especially if the dude keeps playing like he has been.

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  • Air Jordan 1
    Carmelo Anthony Air Jordan I

    We got a preview of these amazing player exclusives in the not-so-distant past, but this is our first real good look. The Jordan Brand has blessed Carmelo Anthony with a pair of black and gold Air Jordan 1s, and they’re perfectly executed. Don’t you hate when the dudes who don’t need anymore shoes are the ones who get them?

    image via @us11hustla

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  • Madison Bumgarner

    Don’t worry about the Chevy guy, who’s clearly flustered and probably sweating bullets while doing his best Chris Farley impersonation. The real story is that San Francisco’s pitcher Madison Bumgarner deserved his time in the limelight. He just completed one of the greatest pitching performances we’ve ever seen.

    Against the Royals in the World Series, Bumgarner did something no one has done in almost 50 years. He won two games with a sub-.50 ERA while pitching at least 20 innings. He came out of the bullpen and shut it down in Game 7. He won the World Series MVP. He even kept a straight face here, maybe his greatest accomplishment of all.

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  • Nike Basketball

    This is simply one of the best basketball commercials ever made. Just watch. Nike, have all these style points.

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  • Tom Brady
  • Charlotte Hornets PEs
  • Drake
  • Nerlens Noel
  • Air Jordan 1

When you’re talking about swagger, generally, you’re thinking about rocking the latest Air Jordans or dropping a defender with a nasty crossover or unleashing a slick 16 on a feature. The thing is, swagger comes in all shapes and sizes, all walks of life. LeBron has it. So does Lil Wayne. That’s obvious. But so does Neymar. So does Stalley. So do the best cats in Major League Soccer. Just as Style Points is never about what you do but how you do it, swagger is all about pulling it off, all about confidence.

That’s why we gotta give a shoutout to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. He’s had an interesting season, as many prophesied that this was the beginning of the end, especially earlier this season when he struggled and argued with the coaching staff. But now? He’s the best player in the NFL again, disrobing every defense he’s faced for the last month. In New England everything is back to normal, and the swaggiest player in the NFL is back to flaunting his A-list model girl all over social media.

It’s hard to top Brady’s “smooth” factor — actually it’s impossible for like 99.99% of the population — but if there’s one man who can overshadow him, it’s Michael Jordan. Jordan took over Twitter prior to the start of the NBA season, then took center stage from the bench in the Hornets’ amazing win over Milwaukee to start the year. (They came back from 24 points down in the second half.) The team posted a video of the bench’s reaction to one of Kemba Walker‘s clutch shots and all anyone wanted to talk about was Jordan’s first pump!

Tom Brady and Michael Jordan are two swagger kings and that’s where we’re starting this week. In today’s Style Points: Tom Brady is Unstoppable; the New Jordan Sneakers You’ll Never Get.

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image via Keith Allison/Flickr Creative Commons