Style Points: The NBA’s Wildest Summer Yet; Chris Brown’s Ridiculous Sneaker Room

The middle-of-July sun is amongst us and most of us are hung up on whether our teams have bolstered their rosters for the coming season with free agent acquisitions or trades, as far as the NBA is concerned. We can only hope that NFL players are taking it easy and not burning themselves out by working out too much. Last week, the U.S. women’s soccer team brought home the gold. Celebratory (or obligatory) road trips and fun ensues for them, as some of them took to social media to show off not only their prized gold but also their pairs of the adidas Yeezy 350 Boost.

At the start of this week, the San Antonio Spurs, who continue winning big this offseason, added even more depth to their roster by signing David West to a veteran minimum contract (taking a $12 million pay cut in the process).

In other NBA news, the circus continues to follow Dallas Maverick owner Mark Cuban as he, along with the rest of us, thought DeAndre Jordan would move on from the trio of himself, Chris Paul, and Blake Griffin. This lead to a wild chase where both sides took to leaving behind their super bro-ey vacations and amusingly using social media to try and give ‘em an edge. DeAndre Jordan chose instead to pull a move straight from former presidential candidate John Kerry’s book by flip-flopping on a verbal agreement with the Dallas franchise. You get penalized on style points for that, my man. Not all is lost for the Mavericks, though. Deron Williams, who they missed out on back in 2012’s free agency, is going to sign with them after reaching a buyout with the Nets.

From the craziness going on in the NBA this season to Chris Brown’s incredible sneaker room/closet, there are a lot of people out there getting busy. In this week’s Style Points: The NBA’s Wildest Summer Yet; Chris Brown’s Ridiculous Sneaker Room.

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Emoji War
At the heart of the race to acquire or keep NBA big man DeAndre Jordan, we saw Chandler Parsons take to Instagram with an airplane emoji. He wasn’t the only way racing over to Houston to meet up with Jordan as we saw J.J. Redick, Blake Griffin, and Paul Pierce trying to one-up one another. This led to a full-on emoji battle between Mavericks and Clippers players. However, things didn’t stop there. Golden State reminded us of regardless what happens, they’re still the champs. Finally, the basketball GOATS named Jordan and Mamba also got in on the fun to remind us all who the greatest champions are just in case we forgot.

Blake Griffin


Zach LaVine
Progress is a working process. Current champ Stephen Curry took some years to develop into the star he is now. Zach LaVine had a pretty okay rookie season with the Minnesota Timberwolves, but this offseason he’s showing promise in the summer league by putting up some impressive numbers. In the video below, you can see him sweating it out in the gym and reminding us how high he can fly. Now let’s see you translate that into the regular season.


Dennis Smith Jr.
Remember last week? One of the best high school basketball prospects in the nation, point guard Dennis Smith Jr. shows off his explosiveness by crossing over a defender, having him hit the floor, and then going in for the mean finish. More of these and we can go full AND1 highlight reel all over again.


Chris Brown
Chris Brown is known to have a little game. There’s footage of him on the court but his game carries over to the sneaker closet as well. Recently, he took to Instagram to flex a little by showing off his sneaker closet room with the caption “What to wear? This isn’t my closet. I ran out of room in those.” One word: hilarious.

Chris Brown sneakers