Champs Sports Presents :24 – NBA Style Points

  • @russwest44

    Russell Westbrook

    Russell Westbrook is a must follow on Instagram during the NBA season. His fashion exploits have made him reach icon status in the world of sports. Off the court, he has a budding resume. Russ is a creative director of True Religion, Westbrook Frames, a Jordan Brand endorser, has a Barney’s line; the list goes on.

    Westbrook’s fashion style is bold to say the least, but it is his confidence that puts him over the top. We’re pretty sure he is going to do something out of the ordinary this upcoming season.

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  • @kingjames

    LeBron James

    There’s no question LeBron has one of the best signature lines in the NBA, but last year he really stepped it up in terms of creativity. The King took over the sneaker game by rocking some awesome colorways of the LeBron 12 throughout last season. You can expect more of the same from ‘Bron with the release of the LeBron 13.

    The reign doesn’t stop at footwear; King James always brings it off the court, whether he’s rocking great streetwear apparel or a tailor-made suit. He also produced the inaugural NBA fashion show during last year’s All-Star Weekend.

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  • @jharden13

    James Harden

    James Harden wanted to be the man on his own team–he got that. He wanted to be the face of a major brand–he got that. So now it’s time for him to deliver in every way possible. He is already one of the most feared players on the court, and if it wasn’t for Stephen Curry he would have an MVP trophy.

    Harden’s style is unorthodox, but he manages to pull it off. As one of the new additions to the adidas basketball team, you can expect Harden to be featured on a lot of their upcoming releases. He signed a long-term deal with the brand this summer, which includes a signature collection and input in product designs. Expect the bearded wonder to play a major role with the three-striped brand on and off-court. Could we see Yeezy Boosts worn to games? You never know.

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  • @mightyjoyoung3

    2015 Rookie Class

    Usually it’s the rookies that are a little behind when it comes to dressing like a professional, but the game has changed completely. Despite not playing a single minute in an official NBA game, the 2015 class of rooks is coming into the league well prepared to make some noise. D’Angelo Russell, Devin Booker, Myles Turner, Joe Young, and Stanley Johnson are going to give NBA vets a run for their money in Year One.

    Young is already on the shortlist to be an NBA MVP in the sneaker department; his sneaker collection is ridiculous, as shown by the OVO Xs he rocked in his first NBA preseason game.

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  • Stephen Curry


    Stephen Curry

    The shine of an NBA MVP award heightens your appeal. Curry wasn’t a bad dresser before, but his style has blossomed as he elevated his game; becoming the face of Under Armour certainly helps.

    The Curry signature line has been successful and a natural fit for the understated Curry, two underdogs teaming up in an effort to be the best. That is why the brand decided to lock him up until 2024 with a deal that includes some stake in the company. Now that he is at UA for the foreseeable future, we can expect great collaborations for years to come.

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  • @easymoneysniper

    Kevin Durant

    KD’s style has been vastly underrated over the years, and a major reason is that he plays on the same team as Russell Westbrook. But KD has always put together some great fits with great footwear options. Durant understands that fashion is a part of growing your brand and he has had his hands on a few lines of his own. The KD 8 is one of the most respected sneakers to release this year, and more colorways are on the horizon as the season approaches.

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  • @swaggyp1

    Nick Young

    Swaggy P is a fan favorite because of his personality and street style. With Swaggy, you really don’t know what to expect. He wears what he wants, how he wants, and is a must follow on IG this NBA season if you want streetwear tips. He does a great job skirting past the dress code by mixing streetwear and business casual that keeps the league off his case.

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  • @johnwall

    John Wall

    John Wall fits the same mold as Swaggy P, despite their differences in personality. He told us a few months back that he makes his own decisions on what he wears. Along with James Harden, Derrick Rose, and Dame Lillard, he is one of the most important players in the adidas line. With the JWall 2 set to drop right before the season, expect Wall to flaunt heavy this year.

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  • Dwyane Wade


    Dwyane Wade

    What can you say about D-Wade that hasn’t been said before? He is perhaps the best dresser in the league and will continue to stand out until he retires. The guy has his own tie and sock lines!

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  • Chris Paul Jordan CP3.IX Suede


    Chris Paul

    Chris Paul is a player that silently kills it from day to day. Paul stands out by keeping things simple compared to other guys in the league; he’s a legit sneakerhead who understands how to build and market a product. He really glows when it comes to talking about sneakers, doing everything you would expect from a Jordan Brand ambassador. Expect him to showcase some custom J’s you’ll probably never see in person.

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  • Stephen Curry
  • Dwyane Wade
  • Chris Paul Jordan CP3.IX Suede

More so than in any other league, game takes on a vital role in the NBA. It isn’t just about making shots or playing defense. It’s about staying fly for the cameras, crowds, and fans. In the week leading off to tipoff for the 2015-16 NBA season, this will be the only preview you need. At Champs Sports, we know game. We can see it in the sneakers. The uniforms. The sounds. The faces. The fans. We see it everywhere. Get schooled on what’s going to happen next.


Style and gear is a major part of being an athlete now. Fans are too invested in seeing what players are wearing on and off the court. One reason for this could be the power of social media, which has connected players and fans closer than ever. The NBA has become one of the most acknowledged professional sports leagues when it comes to fashion. What league do you know covers style and kicks more than the NBA? Want to know what sneaker your favorite player is probably wearing before a game? Just check on Instagram.

Since the league implemented the dress code back in 2005, players have fully bought into the idea and elevated their wardrobe and style game. We have guys like Dwyane Wade and Russell Westbrook, who have both fully devoted themselves in the fashion world. Both have become the poster boys of NBA style and are major trendsetters in the world of sports.

Can you imagine if Russell Westbrook was rocking the attire he wears during the Allen Iverson era?

Style Points is one of our longstanding series at Champs Sports, where we highlight people each week who are doing big things in the lifestyle/sneaker/sports world. With the NBA season approaching, we came up with a list of guys we predict are going to earn the most “Style Points” over the course of the season. Remember, it’s not about what you do but how you do it. These are the guys that kill it on IG and make sneaker blogs go crazy when they rock something out of the ordinary.

With the season about to start, this is Champs Sports Presents :24 – NBA Style Points.

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