Style Points: Marshawn Lynch Trains With Skittles and Jameis Winston is the Truth

  • Mark Wahlberg
    Mark Wahlberg

    So you didn’t know Marky Mark was a hypebeast? Turns out the man knows about more than just making amazing movies. (I just saw Pain & Gain for the first time recently. Don’t care what anyone says, that’s one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time.) He knows sneakers, too.

    Check him out here rocking the Derek Jeter t-shirt and the new Sport Blue Jordan 6 retro. Wahlberg can’t complete the outfit without a little Boston pride thrown in, yet I doubt anyone is even looking at the Red Sox cap with that heat on his feet.

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  • Floyd Mayweather

    It might feel like we’re handing out Style Points to Money Mayweather every week — well, we kind of are — but who’s complaining? The man might be the definition of swagger.

    During a recent episode of Showtime’s All Access, Floyd took in some yoga to help with his training and flexibility, and while some athletes could never look cool doing this, Floyd participated and went next level on all us. First, he littered his mat with $100 bills because … um, I’m not really sure. Because he can. Then he had his man go get him some Big Macs for a yoga halftime break.

    Say what you want about the man, but he knows how to entertain, at one point saying, “Just because I choose to be around a bunch of attractive women, people have something to say.

    “It’s only right for me to dress my mat a certain way.”

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  • Two Japanese Baseball Pitchers

    We’ve seen some marathon baseball games over the years but none of them come close to what happened during the semifinals of Japan’s National High School Baseball Tournament.

    Chukyo High School beat Sakatsu High School during a game that lasted for 50 innings across four days. The winning pitcher, Taiga Matsui, threw 709 pitches while the losing pitcher, Jukiya Ishioka, threw 689 of his own.

    During a month where other young baseball players get applauded for doing things much less impressive, this is mind-boggling. Imagine throwing that many pitches? How were they still lifting their arms? On second thought, don’t even bother trying to figure this one out. Just offer the style points and keep it moving because this is too crazy to understand.

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  • Jameis Winston

    As we say in Style Points, sometimes it’s not about what you do but how you do it. Like last year … yeah it would’ve been cool to see Florida State dominate Auburn in the title game the same way they’d dominated everyone all season. But the legend of freshman quarterback Jameis Winston probably benefitted even more from his epic come-from-behind play.

    It happened again against Oklahoma State during the Seminoles opening game of the year. The team didn’t play well, nearly blowing a 17-0 lead, and Winston threw two picks. But he added to the legend again by orchestrating a couple of key second half scores, including this 28-yard scamper in the third quarter that made it a 10-point game.

    Check out that juke. When was the last time you saw a QB with those moves?

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  • Marshawn Lynch

    Does it get any better than this? Marshawn Lynch is one of the NFL’s most lovable and entertaining players, partly because he goes Beast Mode at every opportunity, partly because he’s about that action, boss, and partly because he has a love of Skittles that everyone can appreciate.

    This new training regimen might not work for one of the hardest-working backs in the NFL but it does provide some key motivation. You know Lynch ate every single one of those Skittles after he was done.

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  • Bun B
    Kenny Hill

    How do you replace and then try to top the legend of Johnny Football? Well, first you have to play well. Texas A&M’s new starting quarterback, Kenny Hill, lit up South Carolina for 511 yards and three touchdowns during a 52-28 Aggies win.

    But then you also need a catch: You need personality, charisma, and maybe even a great nickname. Hill is doing his part so far, reportedly asking everyone to call him “Kenny Trill.”

    The trillest OG, rapper Bun B, even stepped in to comment, and while he didn’t completely endorse the idea — Hill hasn’t earned it yet! — Bun did offer some motivation.

    If the nickname sticks, and if Kenny Trill keeps putting up video game numbers, college football fans might forget about Manziel sooner than expected.

    image via Complex

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  • Game

    Here’s the thing about collecting sneakers: If you have a lot of money, you can really get any sneaker you ever want. That’s basically what it comes down to, and it’s the reason why so many “crazy” sneakerheads are either rich or famous.

    Game is both. He’s one of the best rappers in the game, and has a new album (Year Of The Wolf) dropping next month. He’s also a huge sneaker lover, and has the basketball credentials to back all that up.

    He went sneaker shopping with Complex recently and talked about his love of the Air Jordan 4 (“I almost lost my life over them”), the “He Got Game” Jordan 13 (and he’s man enough to admit a mistake), and the Air Max 95. (“My favorite shoe, period, in life, is the Air Max 95.”)

    But Game gets his style points by refusing to leave the shop until he’s copped the Air Jordan 6 and the Air Max 90, in all red, of course. He’d have it no other way.

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  • Roger Federer and Michael Jordan

    Throughout the 2014 US Open, Roger Federer has been the center of attention. There was the unveiling of the ridiculous NikeCourt Zoom Vapor AJ3 sneaker and Michael Jordan subsequently showing up to the matches to watch the games. There was Roger’s play, which has been crisp and athletic, so much so that the announcers have been openly wondering hey, maybe it’s the shoes?!

    Finally, in one of the best tennis highlights you’ll see all year, there was this shot. On a dead point against Marinko Matosevic, Federer hit a shot through his legs and right off the backside of an unsuspecting Matosevic. MJ was impressed. We were too.

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  • Mark Wahlberg
  • Floyd Mayweather
  • Taiga Matsui
  • Marshawn Lynch
  • Bun B
  • Game
  • Michael Jordan, Roger Federer

Football is back. How good does it feel to say that? I’m practically hyperventilating knowing that Saturdays and Sundays will be fun again, and that many hours of my life will be spent scouring the fantasy free agent pools for that third-string running back who stands to get 15 carries this week and that backup quarterback who is looking good in practice.

And while the return of football has once again overshadowed everything else going on this week in sports, don’t be foolish. Don’t completely forget about the amazing playoff races going on in baseball, or the latest sneaker releases that have everyone salivating, from Joe Schmoe who lives on your block to the hottest celebrities in Hollywood. Don’t overlook the best in sports just because you get your fiend on and plop yourself in front of a TV for 15 hours every weekend.

The end of summer means new beginnings for new sports, and if you’re like me, you’re not going to miss the heat. There’s too much going on in the world of sports and entertainment to not be excited.

For this week’s feature — Style Points: Marshawn Lynch Trains With Skittles and Jameis Winston is the Truth — we’re breaking down not what athletes have done recently but how they did it. It’s not always about making moves and being at the top of your game. Sometimes, it’s about going that extra step and turning in something that’s different or unique. Or, in the case of Floyd Mayweather this week, it’s just about being different. Check out which athletes and entertainers are getting this week’s style points.

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