Style Points: Marshawn Lynch, Malik Monk, and Shane Victorino Show There’s More Than One Way to Stunt

  • Trevor Booker

    Trevor Booker is only averaging 7.1 points a night this year and this basket was only worth two, but if we’re going by H.O.R.S.E. standards, this might be a game-changer. The best shot of the season? I don’t see how anyone is ever going to top this.

    Utah might’ve lost this game but seriously who cares when you see something like this?

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  • Karon Keyes

    I doubt you know who Karon Keyes is. A lot of college coaches don’t either…well, at least they didn’t until they saw this video. A Class of 2016 running back from Glenbard East High School in Lombard, Illinois, Keyes recently set the Internets on fire with this juke/spin move that sent this poor defender back to second grade.

    This is the type of move that ends careers. If that defensive player showed back up the next day, he deserves major props.

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  • Cliff Alexander

    When it comes to big men in this year’s freshmen class, all anyone wants to talk about is Jahlil Okafor. But Kansas’ Cliff Alexander was the No. 2 player in a pretty solid class, and he consistently fought with Okafor for control of the Chicago prep scene when the two of them were coming up. The dude has talent.

    Alexander is known, in particular, for his brutal strength and facial slams. He reminds me a little bit of Amar’e Stoudemire in that regard. He showed it off here, driving right through the chest of Oklahoma State’s Le’Bryan Nash and then going over the top of Anthony Allen Jr. Next time, defenders should just get out of the way.

    Kansas got the W, too, so they were winning all-around that night.

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  • Dez Bryant


    Dez Bryant

    Dez Bryant and the Cowboys’ final game of the year didn’t turn out positive, not after the officials overturned a miraculous Bryant catch that would’ve put Dallas just a yard away from the go-ahead touchdown late in the fourth quarter in Green Bay. But Bryant can take solace in the fact that he’s always rocking the most heat on the field, regardless of who he’s playing against.

    Check out his Air Jordan PE collection and try to tell us he isn’t. You can’t.

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  • Damian Lillard

    Dame has had a pretty good month. He saw the debut of his first signature sneaker. He’s averaging over 22 points per game over the month. And he had this absurd dunk on like half of the Lakers’ team.

    People don’t necessarily see Lillard as a dunker, but every once in a while he brings out something like this. He gets extra brownie points here, too, because it came in a big win where the point guard threw up a cool 34 points.

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  • Shane Victorino


    Shane Victorino

    Just a few days before Oregon went on to lose the College Football Playoff Championship to Ohio State, here was Boston Red Sox player Shane Victorino doing what he does best: stunt.

    With two amazing exclusive Oregon Jordans, as well as a custom Oregon jersey, he was out here living harder than anyone else on the ‘net. Kudos. One day, maybe, you’ll have a collection like this guy. Probably not.

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  • Malik Monk

    Malik Monk is a top six player in the Class of 2016, despite the fact that he’s a 6-4 two-guard. He gets away with it because his athleticism is out of this world. Here’s an example, with some poor fool attempting to take a charge and instead getting a knee to the face.

    Wherever Monk goes for college, he’s going to put everyone on notice.

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  • Marc Gasol

    This isn’t just one of the best passes we’ve ever seen from a 7-1 center. It might be the best pass all season. Amazingly, Gasol had only one assist in the game. At least he made it count.


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  • Marshawn Lynch

    We’re talking 25 carries and 157 yards. We’re talking maybe the most important touchdown of the game. We’re talking Beast Mode. Just leave it up to fellow Seattle running back Christine Michael, who was locked in an intimate sideline conversation with Lynch just before the Seahawks came onto the field for their game-winning drive in overtime.

    “That’s my blood brother,” Michael said. “That’s my guy. That’s between me and him, but he told me the realest thing he’s ever told me. That’s going to always be in my heart when I play this game. That dude, that’s one guy I know who can turn it on whenever he decides to turn it on. And he really lived up to that Beast Mode name.”

    When it mattered most, Lynch was the one who reached out and snatched a trip to the Super Bowl away from Green Bay. In five years, when the Seahawks’ dynasty is over, we might look back on this game and this player as the one who really started it all.

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  • Trevor Booker
  • Karon Keyes
  • Cliff Alexander
  • Dez Bryant
  • Damian Lillard
  • Shane Victorino
  • Malik Monk
  • Marc Gasol

Some of you might argue this is the best time of the year for sports fans. You have the NFL Playoffs, which are always fun, as well as the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl. The NBA is near the midway point in the season, where there are always teams desperate to makes moves and changes. (You know that’s especially true this year when two of the “best” teams, supposedly, in Oklahoma City and Cleveland, are out making moves to try to change things.) College basketball is picking up and the most hardcore fans are starting to lock down which squads they’ll be riding with once March Madness starts up. From the start of the calendar year until the first or second week in February, if you can’t get excited for sports than there is something wrong with you.

Sneakerheads should be just as excited this year. That all probably starts with the Jordan Brand‘s remastered series, which has started in January with sneakers like the “French Blue” Air Jordan VII and the “Legend Blue” Air Jordan IV. It’ll continue over the next few weeks with even more hot releases.

As far as Style Points goes, you all should know by now that it’s never about what you do but how you do it. Need a bucket at the end of the shot clock? Trevor Booker did it one better against OKC. Need to make a name for yourself as a high school football player in the offseason? Karon Keyes went above and beyond. Need to come up with the performance of a lifetime? Marshawn Lynch is ready to call in Beast Mode.

In this week’s edition of Style Points: Marshawn Lynch, Malik Monk, and Shane Victorino Show There’s More Than One Way to Stunt.

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