Style Points: LeBron, Kyrie, Kevin Love, and Johnny Manziel are Setting the Tone in Cleveland

  • Cleveland's Big Three

    In their first real action together, Cleveland’s LeBron James, Kevin Love, and Kyrie Irving didn’t just beat Maccabi Tel Aviv, they smashed them, winning by 27 points.

    The trio looked comfortable and confident, and each one provided complementing skill-sets: Irving with his outside shooting and fast-break attacking; Love with his spot-up J and his outlet passing; and LeBron with his all-around brilliance. Irving led the squad with 16 points, and you can bet that’ll only be a start for him this year. (Hint: He’s going to blow up. Too many open jumpers.)

    Not only did they beat up on the Israeli powerhouse, they did it in front of a hyped full house–shout out to the Cleveland fans–AND did it to the former team of head coach David Blatt.

    Talk about a perfect starting point.


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    Had to give my baby a wash after a great day of practice coming off the bye week. S/o to @ClevelandNissan and Bernie for the dream car.

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    Johnny Manziel

    …Money Manziel has barely seen the field so far this year, and has even stated that he misses the college life. But despite all that, despite throwing just one pass so far in five games, he’s still doing his best to live up to his nickname.

    Johnny Football recently showed up his newest pickup on the ‘gram: the 2015 Nissan GT-R, one of the fastest cars on the market. Reports indicate the car goes for $110K. Money Manziel: always looking fly even if he isn’t exactly in the spotlight.

    It’s pretty funny that we’re featuring this dude even though the team scored 26 straight points to beat the Titans during Week 5, capped it all off with an epic dance party, and then destroyed Pittsburgh this week. But if we’re talking dance moves, they were overshadowed by a couple of tight ends in Buffalo and Kansas City.

    image via @jmanziel2

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  • Chris Gragg, Travis Kelce tribute to Ric Flair

    As someone who grew up doing the patented Ric Flair (and don’t forget about Jason Williams, either) “Wooooooo!” on the basketball court, I can totally appreciate what tight ends Chris Gragg and Travis Kelce did during Week 5 of the NFL.

    Gragg pulled it off during Buffalo’s 17-14 win in Detroit, scoring a touchdown in the fourth quarter to tie the game up. Kelce then did it later on in the day against San Francisco in scoring the first points of the game. He even added an audible Wooooo! at the end for the icing on the cake. This is easily one of the best end zone celebrations we’ll see all year. It certainly wasn’t anywhere near the best play though.

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  • Dez Bryant

    Don’t look now but the Cowboys are 5-1 after winning the battle of Texas against Houston, 20-17 in overtime, and beating the defending champs. The thing is…they probably don’t beat the Texans without Dez Bryant. No, he hasn’t been as good as DeMarco Murray this year, who already has 785 yards in six games. But on a huge third down in overtime, Bryant made this absolutely insane catch to bail out his squad and Tony Romo. (What was he thinking with that pass?)

    If anyone deserves style points this week, it’s Dez. Unless…

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  • Nick Young

    …You want to give Nick Young some love. Swaggy P owned Media Day in the NBA. He was charming in interviews, reciting poetry during his off time, and impressing in videos, too. He said his goal this year was Defensive Player of the Year and that he got robbed last year. Then he touted how he was working with Kobe this summer, showing him a thing or two on the court, helping him out. He had every reporter in L.A. grooving to his beat.

    For someone who’s not even a star on the court, Swaggy has quickly turned himself into one since coming to the Lakers. That’s something more than a few bench warmers in the league could learn from.

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  • Will Barton

    Take, for instance, this guy. Portland’s Will Barton might not be a huge contributor–last year the 6-6 guard played less than 10 minutes a night and scored just 4.0 points per game–but he does know how to put on a show.

    During the Blazers’ Fan Fest 2014 to kick off training camp, he ended the night with a ridiculous reverse between-the-legs dunk, one in which he threw it down with his left hand. That’s a winning Dunk Contest dunk right there. Barton is already in midseason form.

    Yet if we’re talking strictly skill, the next play might’ve been the best one we’ve seen all year.

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  • High Point Super Panthers

    The college soccer team at High Point is known for scoring ridiculous goals, but this recent one against UNC-Asheville probably takes the cake. (I mean, they should be doing stuff like this. Their name is the Super Panthers.)

    Senior Mamadee Nyepon just toyed with four or five different defenders on this play, making them all look stupid in the process. Epic but somewhat expected for this powerhouse. It’s wasn’t at all as surprising as what’s coming next…

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  • Arizona State

    There’s nothing worse than losing a game on a Hail Mary pass with the clock at zero. But that’s exactly what USC went through recently, having to watch Arizona State’s Mike Bercovici​ connect with Jaelen Strong on a 46-yard touchdown to get the W.

    I seriously have no idea what the Trojans were doing letting Strong just run underneath that pass like that, and while you can’t really blame them too much for letting a miracle happen, you can hype up ‘Zona State. Afterward, Bercovici fell face-first into the grass and didn’t want to get up. I’d be the same way. Have some style points for this incredible play.

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  • LeBron James
  • Johnny Manziel
  • Travis Kelce
  • Dez Bryant
  • Nick Young
  • Will Barton
  • Mamadee Nyepon
  • Jaelen Strong

Talk about a wild, wild two weeks of professional sports. Not only did we have the opening of training camps and Media Day in the NBA, we also got upsets and game-winning bombs in college football, and four or five mesmerizing performances in the NFL. Cleveland, with all of that newfound sporting celebrity, is in the middle of it all. The football team is looking solid, pounding Pittsburgh to go to 3-2. But Johnny Manziel is still making headlines, dropping heat on the ‘gram, and generally keeping us interested enough to tune in even when he isn’t on the field.

Then there’s the basketball team, the real gem of the city. They recently went through their first action together, setting the tone for the season by abusing a foreign power at home and then beating LeBron‘s old ‘mates, the Heat. Scary thought for the NBA, but the team is already gelling and looking good together.

Cleveland’s activities might’ve been the highlights used most often on SportsCenter but we can’t forget about showing love to Arizona State’s Hail Mary game-winner against USC or a couple of awesome Ric Flair-inspired touchdown dances in the NFL. Style Points at The Drop isn’t about what you do. It’s all about how you do it. The Cowboys win again to go to 5-1? That’s great. They haven’t been good in what seems like 100 years. But by winning in overtime thanks to a Dez Bryant catch that looked like something straight out of a video game? And then beating Seattle? Have all these style points.

Everyone featured here went above and beyond the call of duty these past few weeks. In this week’s Style Points: LeBron, Kyrie, Kevin Love, and Johnny Manziel are Setting the Tone in Cleveland. Check it out.

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