Style Points: LeBron James Is Still on Top of the Sneaker World; the Bills Unlock a Hidden Gem

We’re three deep into the NFL regular season and less than a month away from NBA tipoff. (2K season has begun though, which means more pregame gaming than ever before.) There wasn’t a mixtape from any of rap’s behemoths this week. There weren’t any Jordan player exclusives. No wild end zone celebrations. And nothing extraordinary as Braxton Miller spin-cycling all over Virginia Tech.

There was still some heat, though.

Sunday’s hottest drop on the Internet (no doubt) was Nike and LeBron James unveiling the LeBron 13, adding on to what is an explosive lineup already.

Jordan Brand has been teasing with exclusives quite a bit lately, making us all wish we were heir to the Jordan throne. More than just showing off the brand’s creative muscle, it’s also displaying brilliant marketing–lace up the best athletes, entertainers, and influencers, and watch the rest of us drool over what we can’t have.

While Cam Newton, whom we dubbed the NFL’s flyest player last week, may not be old enough to get the personal foul call he was looking for in yesterday’s win over the Saints, he did continue to impress us with his polished manner of dress, even if the Internet flags him. SuperCam strode in style to a postgame conference in an electric blue camo suit jacket, bow-tie, and dazzling gold loafers, channeling his inner Russell Westbrook.

There’s no surprise when the OGs get it done but lately, there’s been a few young cats starting to make a name for themselves. Amari Cooper, in brevity, has brought hope to Oaktown by doing something that no other Raiders receiver has done since Randy Moss: back-to-back 100-yard game.

Devonta Freeman, not your first choice for running back on your fantasy squad, had himself a breakout game by making for a hat trick with three touchdowns.

Derek Carr, in central command of the Oakland offense, is showing resiliency after taking a beating last year and just might be the next great quarterback in the league if he keeps at it.

There were a lot of candidates for this week because, as always, it’s not about what you do but how you do it. In this week’s edition of Style Points: LeBron James Is Still on Top of the Sneaker World; the Bills Unlock a Hidden Gem.

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Players have Michael Jordan to look up to not just on the court but off of it as well. His business acumen is undeniable and shrewd players like LeBron James have adopted some of it to use in their own arsenal. This weekend, Nike and LeBron James unveiled the LeBron 13 (LeBron’s 13th signature shoe and counting) in James’ hometown of Akron, Ohio. The sneaker looks like it just stepped off the set of a Transformers movie and is built around James’ explosive style of play.

Instead of sitting back and resting on the merits of earlier successes, Nike and LeBon are building their ivory tower even higher. Unless you’re retired, your latest work is what matters most. Jordan is still killin’ it even in retirement and James, whose time is now, is busy pioneering his own legacy. Keep getting it.

Nike LeBron 13 Written in the Stars

Forest Green is one of my favorite colors, a perfect warm hue for your garbs in the cooler months, and by extending the look down to your sneakers, like this colorway of the Jordan CP3.IX, man, you’ll be killing ‘em. Chris Paul previewed them earlier this week in an Instagram post with the hashtag #ComingSoon. But as shown by 32 others, these turned out to be a “family and friends” exclusive limited to 33 pairs. The buttery green suede uppers with a cream sole make these the most irresistible CP3s I’ve seen yet, even if I have virtually no shot at them. Who knows, though? Judging from the hashtag, there’s always hope for the masses.

Jordan CP3.IX Chris Paul

Unlike that ESPN commercial where the many other Michael Jordans of the world underwhelm for not being the GOAT himself, Jasmine Jordan (MJ’s daughter) has more than a namesake to thank and be fortunate for. It’s like being the King’s daugter, Lisa Marie Presley, where you’ve inherited all the cool genes and all you have to do is be present while the world acknowledges your family’s historical significance. Jasmine does more than that, though. She already has her signature shoe, the Jordan Jasmine, a perfect pick-up for the ladies.

But leave it to her to flex in other ways. Through a selfie she posted on her Instagram account, she showed the world a pair of the Air Jordan I that look too perfect for this world: Fighting Irish proud colorway, a croc-textured green suede upper, and a metallic gold Swoosh.

Air Jordan 1 Jasmine Jordan

A.J. Green is cashing in on all the hard work he’s put in the offseason and we are not in the least bit surprised. He believes in his quarterback Andy Dalton (and vice versa) but when your team is down in the fourth quarter and the ball is thrown your way in coverage, you either snag it and show your greatness or you fold under pressure.

Check out this 80-yard go-ahead touchdown that shows the Bengals winning course of action: Dalton to Green. They actually did it twice in the fourth quarter. Both of Green’s touchdowns came when the team absolutely needed them. Green just so happened to throw up 227 yards receiving and two TDs on the day. Beast. Clutch.
A.J. Green
via NFL

Buffalo’s starting quarterback has to be the feel good story so far of this NFL season. Before these past three games, the 26-year-old out of Virginia Tech had thrown just 35 career passes in four years as Joe Flacco‘s backup in Baltimore. Now? He’s been so good that Rex Ryan isn’t the only one calling him legit, and Taylor’s early season roll has Bills fans thinking about a deep run in the playoffs for the first time in a LONG time. Taylor is fifth in the NFL in QB rating–a 116.1 mark that is the highest ever for a Buffalo quarterback through the season’s first three games–and he’s coming off a win over Miami where he posted a 95.3 Total QBR, the highest by any Bills QB in any game in a decade.

Did Taylor expect this? Not sure. But he’s at least been dressing like a star lately–even in that frigid Buffalo weather–regularly flossing on IG in everything from Timberland boots to the “Vachetta Tan” Riccardo Tisci/Nike Air Force I High to the Air Jordan III. It’ll be hard to top Cam as the NFL’s preeminent style icon at the quarterback spot, but Taylor is making a hard charge–just as he is on the field, too.

Tyrod Taylor Timberland boots