Style Points: Kyrie Irving Lights Up the NBA and Dancing Kanye Lights Up Social Media

  • Stephen Curry

    This needs to be a SportsCenter Top 10 play for a long time. Filthy is an understatement. I still haven’t decided which is better: the dribbling or the shot. I guess that is what makes the play so spectacular. #Handlesfordays

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  • Kanye appeals to the older crowd with a 90's tune "All That". #Kanye #KanyeDances #DancingKanye

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    Kanye West

    If you haven’t started following @DancingKanye on Instagram you are doing it all wrong. The meme of Kanye West dancing did a better job breaking the Internet than anything Kim has done recently. Kanye seems a lot happier these days. Keep dancing ‘Ye, we are laughing with you and not at you.

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  • LaMarcus Aldridge

    That block deserves the ultimate Dikembe finger wag. Aldridge sent that block back to the three-point line, right where Harden started his drive. The All-Star power forward is playing at an extremely high level right now. You don’t want to face the run-and-gun Blazers in the playoffs. Even with the loss of Wesley Matthews, they are a force to be reckoned with.

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  • DeAndre Jordan

    These never get old. I could watch a CP3-to-DeAndre Jordan alley-oop all day. They are especially fun to watch when a defender thinks he has a chance at stopping it. If only Gorgui Dieng left the ground…

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  • Kyrie Irving

    Dropping a franchise record 57 points has to earn you a spot on the Style Points list here at The Drop. It’s a record ‘Bron ‘Bron doesn’t have anymore. This team seems to be getting better and better. That’s scary consider they are going to coast to the Finals in the East — unless Atlanta can show they’re for real this postseason. If you have time, absolutely watch the highlights from his 57-point game. It is a thing of beauty.

    Fun fact: Over the last 25 seasons, only three players have multiple 55-point games in a season: Kobe, MJ, and now Kyrie.

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  • Kanye West dancing
  • LaMarcus Aldridge block James Harden
  • DeAndre Jordan Chris Paul alley-oop
  • Kyrie Irving 57 points

Is it really a Style Points post without Steph Curry and Kanye West? Didn’t think so.

Between the two, I don’t even know who is having the better year. Steph Curry is in the running for the coveted MVP trophy while leading his team to homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs. And Kanye is basically running the Internet with his sneakers, music, and dance moves — with a little help from his lady, Kim. I’m just waiting for these two to take a stab at each other’s professions. I need Kanye to design some Warriors’ jerseys and Steph Curry to make another rap video with wifey.

Surprisingly enough, there are other people that are having fantastic months as well. On March 11, LaMarcus Aldridge helped the Blazers beat their Western Conference foes the Houston Rockets by dropping 26 points and 14 rebounds. It is still only a regular season win, but the game had a playoff-type atmosphere. Anybody remember this shot? It would be awesome to see another Blazers/Rockets playoff series.

As for everyone’s favorite East squad, whose team is it really? If I am coach Blatt, I’m putting the ball in Kyrie’s hands to take the last-second shot. Dead serious. As good as LeBron James is, I think I might trust Ky more. Watching ‘Bron miss two free throws, in overtime, against the Rockets, down one with under five seconds left killed my hope. I know that is extreme, but Kyrie is my guy. The kid has so much potential, just like his sneaker line with Nike.

We all love alley-oops. We especially love Lob City alley-oops between Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan. The jaw-dropping oops we have seen between these two have been incredible. This one is no different. DeAndre is a scary, scary dude and is playing out of his mind this season. I can’t wait to see if this team can make the NBA Finals.

In this edition of Style Points: Kyrie Irving Lights Up the NBA and Dancing Kanye Lights Up Social Media.

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