Style Points: Karate Kid and the Shmoney Dance Come to the NFL

  • Kendrick Lamar
    Kendrick Lamar

    After months in the shadows, Kendrick reappeared recently for not one but two guests verses in 24 hours, setting the hip-hop world on its head. First he jumped on with a song with Flying Lotus. Then he laced “Holy Ghost” with Young Jeezy, spitting wicked rhymes like “I’m bout to go cop a Lexus, I’m bout to go f*** Alexis, take this and flood my Rolexes, this black on black is a blessing, black on black crime on my weapon.”

    Kendrick is working hard on his new album, so this almost feels like a prologue chapter in what’s sure to be a classic. Dude is coming to shut the game down.

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  • Antonio Brown

    No one will remember that Pittsburgh nearly blew a 27-3 lead against Cleveland in Week 1. A few years from now, this play will be all anyone remembers from this one, especially since Johnny Manziel never saw the field.

    Antonio Brown had 116 yards and a touchdown as a wideout yet this was his most impressive play of the game. On a punt return, Brown tried to leap over Browns punter Spencer Lanning, misjudged it, and then ended up kicking the punter in the face. It was a penalty, sadly, but dang that was one of the crazier things we’ve seen on a football field.

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  • Maryland

    UAB broke out their new uniforms earlier this year, featuring that amazing dragon decal across the side. But in their second game of the 2014 season against Mississippi State, they went one step further.

    On the road, the Blazers brought out the rare all-white uniform… and then took it to another level with the scaly shoulder padding. Unreal. This is probably one of the coolest uniforms we’ve ever seen in college football.

    Unfortunately, the team still lost, falling behind early and never recovering, 47-34. At least they looked good, though.

    In addition to UAB stunting, just a few days later Under Armour and Maryland revealed new unis inspired by the Battle of Baltimore versus West Virginia and the 200th Anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner. With “The Defence of Fort McHenry” (the poem that inspired the anthem) lyrics across the helmet, shoulder sleeves, and shoes, this is one of the most creative uniforms you will ever see in any sport.

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  • Dwyane Wade
    Dwyane Wade

    D-Wade might not have the best personal style in the league — that all depends on your personal taste — but it’s hard to argue no one works at it more. From his sneakers to his penchant for trying things no one else will even touch, Wade either doesn’t care or doesn’t have anyone around him willing to question his choices. Either way, we don’t mind. It makes him really, really entertaining.

    Recently, the dude went on a safari… a safari!… and did one for the ‘gram. Designers shades, the camo jacket, the cream gaucho hat. Wade is one of a kind. All of this because he was on his honeymoon and had to miss out on fashion week in New York.

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  • Russell Westbrook

    If Wade isn’t the pinnacle of NBA fashion, then it has to be Westbrook. The West Coast brodie has his own distinct style, and is consistently showing out on Instagram.

    With the recent global release of the Air Jordan XX9, Westbrook took to Nike Santa Monica rocking a “USA” colorway that was rumored to be a World Cup release. As of now, who knows if these ever drop, but here’s to hoping they do. This is easily the best XX9 colorway we’ve seen so far. Of course Russy had to get them first.

    image courtesy of @kustoo

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  • Julius Thomas
    Julius Thomas

    In Denver’s season-opening win over the Colts, tight end Julius Thomas blew up for a big second quarter, catching three touchdowns passes and even breaking out the Shmoney Dance after a 35-yard TD.

    After the Bobby Shmurda dance became a cultural sensation earlier this year — and Lance Stephenson even freestyled over the “Hot N****” beat — we’ve seen athletes wildin’ out and doing this dance before. (What up Joel Embiid!) But Thomas took it to the mainstream. Have your style points, JT.

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  • Air Jordan 6 PE cleats
    Jordan Brand Football Players

    Jordan Brand is always lacing their football players with dope PE cleats, but they might’ve outdone themselves to start this season.

    Jordan family members Earl Thomas, Dez Bryant, Michael Crabtree, Andre Johnson, LaMarr Woodley, Hakeem Nicks, Dwight Freeney, Jordan Lynch, and Charles Woodson all got laced with some swag for Week 1. Andre Johnson and Crabtree are always fresh, but we’ll say we were most impressed with Woodley’s all-silver joints with the No. 57 on the heel. Super dope.

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  • Kendrick Lamar
  • Antonio Brown
  • Maryland
  • Dwyane Wade
  • Air Jordan XX9
  • Julius Thomas
  • Air Jordan 6 PE cleats

Football makes such a big difference. It really does. Summer Sundays? Eh, not that great. You count down the minutes until the sun sets, then start wishing you could replay the weekend all over again. But fall Sundays? We can thank football (and NFL RedZone for the fantasy players out there) for bringing some fun back into the world… along with wings and nachos. Yeah sure, your Instagram page may not be as lively once the weather cools, but that’s a small thing in comparison to everything else.

The start of the 2014 NFL season gave us hours of entertainment. Seattle shutting down the best player in the game. A couple of overtime matchups. Johnny Manziel‘s not-so-much debut. New player exclusive sneakers. Tony Romo doing Tony Romo things. The glorious introduction of the Shmoney Dance to mainstream America. There was the kick (not what you’d expect, either) heard ’round the world. And my Bills won in Chicago, courtesy of Fred Jackson‘s get off me Chicago! overtime run.

Everyone’s gearing up for a big finish to the calendar year. It’s early in the season, which means fans of everyone outside of perhaps the Cowboys can gloat about how their team is thisclose to the playoffs (fingers crossed, Buffalo) or thisclose to a title. Fantasy players out there can still gloat over this rookie and that rookie, stressing for everyone else to be patient. Then there’s Kendrick Lamar, who loosened his lyrical muscles after a summer spent on the sidelines, giving us all a taste of what’s to come in the rest of 2014.

Here at The Drop, Style Points is never about what you do but how you do it. See why in Style Points: Karate Kid and the Shmoney Dance Come to the NFL.

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