Style Points: Karaoke Night, the Power of 3 Seconds, and an Incredible Quarterback

  • A Goal in Three Seconds

    Don’t tell me you’ve never watched a soccer game and haven’t thought, “He should just shoot it from there (unreasonably far out)” at one point or another. Either way, a Paraguayan striker of the Mexican club Mineros de Zacatecas scored in the first three seconds of their Ascenso MX match. And of those three seconds, two of them were due to the flight time of the ball. That’s right, Gustavo Ramirez scored “where momma keeps the cookies” — from just a few paces off the midline. To score top corner from anywhere is impressive, let alone from nearly 150 feet away. This is more than worthy of some style points this week.

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    If you haven’t heard of this 21-year-old singer from Mississauga, Ontario, you will soon enough. The electronic R&B artist is signed to Drake’s OVO Sound record label, and is growing every day in popularity. He earns his style points this week with the release of his second album: PARTYNEXTDOOR TWO. His unique style of combining electronic music with his R&B singing is something that is very rare in the industry right now. Aside from The Weeknd, there are very few artists going down this path. PARTYNEXTDOOR’s style is definitely worth the listen and earns style points.

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  • Drew Brees

    This is one of the most absurd things we’ve ever seen an NFL player do. Brees is probably going to become the most accurate passer in NFL history this season if he keeps up his current pace, and he’s also one of the league’s most impressive field generals, well on his way to the record books and Hall of Fame. But there’s no explaining this.

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  • Daniel Sturridge of Liverpool Performs Drake’s "Too Much"

    That’s right, another soccer striker made our style points list this week… however Daniel Suttridge of Liverpool earned his style points for a much different reason. Sturridge is quite the fan of Drake and thus, during a team stay in a hotel in New York, felt the need to sing and rap Drake’s “Too Much.” I’m not sure if Drizzy would be proud of the performance, but regardless it was a valiant and extremely passionate effort. Who knows, maybe Liverpool will become Drake’s new favorite club after this? Either way the passion and effort are well deserving of style points.

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  • Jay Z
    Beyoncé Keeping Jay Z Around

    There were rumors circulating recently of a Beyoncé/Jay Z divorce. Usually when speculation like this surfaces the individual(s) involved let the press do what they want and offer very little insight into what is really going on; even the fans are left to wonder. However Beyoncé collects her style points because she did something rare and quite contrary to popular practice. She let us know what was actually happening.

    After days of the public’s fear that the power couple would break up, Beyoncé posted this photo with the caption “My favorite hue is JayZ Blue”. What a relief. Hopefully the queen bee’s favorite color doesn’t change anytime soon, but regardless, nice job earning those style points.

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  • Jadeveon Clowney
    Jadeveon Clowney

    If this were being written on January 1, 2013, Jadeveon Clowney would be earning style points for one of the biggest hits in college football history. However it is not the first day of 2013, and as we all know Clowney is about to begin his rookie season with the Houston Texans. He earns his style points this week for NOT laying virtually the same hit on his Texan teammate. Quite the respectable move… training camp just began and I’m sure he could have and would have made quite the impression if he had taken that RB’s helmet off. I think in hindsight he made the obvious and mature choice, something that obviously is still getting him press and more importantly, style points.

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  • Gustavo Ramírez
  • Drew Brees
  • Daniel Sturridge
  • Jay Z
  • Jadeveon Clowney

Music plays a big part of the athlete experience. From the highest ranks of the pros right on down to middle schoolers, every athlete in the world seems to use music to get into their zone. So it’s no surprise that so many athletes want to be artists.

Take Daniel Sturridge, for example. The Liverpool soccer star is apparently a massive fan of Drake, and even broke out an unscripted karaoke session during a recent interview in New York. That takes love… and guts too. Above all else, it takes supreme confidence.

In this week’s Style Points, we’re showing love to those who stepped up their game and swagger. From Drew Brees swagging out and showing off to an NFL star getting respect for not going all out, these six went above and beyond.

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