Style Points: Jamal Crawford Is the Real Bone Collector; Big Sean Takes on the World

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    Big Sean

    It’s now been nearly a week since Big Sean’s latest project dropped and for someone who was admittedly never a big Sean Don fan, it’s not a stretch to label Dark Sky Paradise his best work yet. By far actually. The CHI’s finest might always walk in Kanye‘s shadow, but between cuts like “Dark Sky (Skyscrapers),” “All Your Fault,” “Win Some, Lose Some,” and “One Man Can Change the World,” Sean is at lease attempting to match the enormous hype machine that came with this release.

    He’s also been holding it down for Kanye’s long-awaited collaborations with adidas, flaunting the Yeezys and killing it throughout February.

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  • DeAndre Jordan

    Poor Marco Belinelli. For some reason, it’s these international guys who keep getting in the way of Clipper highlight reels. (More on this later.) During DeAndre Jordan’s recent 26-point, 18-rebound destruction of the Spurs, the big fella also threw down one of the most ridiculous dunks of the year, jumping from Sacramento and going straight through Marco’s chest. Nasty.

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    Jamal Crawford

    Guarding J-Crossover in an isolation setting has to be one of the scariest things in life. It’s a good thing we’ll never have to experience it. Dude is so ruthless he really put Patty Mills on his knee, like, who does that? Crawford might have the most unique handle ever and it’s constantly catching victims.

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  • Wale Nike Air Mags boxing



    The rapper finds himself in these pages quite often. What can we say though? He’s a talented artist with a real taste for style and sneakers. So when he recently posted a pic on the ‘gram of himself working out in Nike Air Mags, we had to show love. That’s crazy. Who does that?

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  • Richard Jefferson

    Richard Jefferson isn’t an old man just yet. The Mavs forward still has some hops left in him. This poster, which came during Dallas’ 11-point win over Charlotte, even had the Hornets bench reacting. Yeah, they called it a foul but who cares?

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  • J.R. Smith

    In your first game back against a former employer who traded you away, you win in blowout fashion while scoring 17 points and adding in the best highlight of the night, a double-pump, alley-oop reverse dunk. And you do it all in Madison Square Garden? Even if the Knicks can’t seem to get out of the East basement, this is basically the definition of Style Points.

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  • J.R. Smith

Yes, we know about the streetball legend who goes by the name of Bone Collector. He’s been a highlight reel and YouTube mainstay for years, and now regularly flaunts his incredible moves on tour with Ball Up. But honestly, considering how often the Clippers’ Jamal Crawford snatches defenders’ ankles, knees, and feet, we can’t help but feel that, if he wanted to, J-Crossover could make a great case for that name.

Just recently, during a huge Clippers win over the rival Spurs, Crawford unleashed an end-of-quarter isolation move on Patty Mills that was so ruthless it left San Antonio’s backup on his knee. Sometimes you’ll see players slip. Sometimes you’ll see them guess wrong. Sometimes you’ll even see them trip and fall. But a defender having to take a knee because he got shook so bad? That move is going to take Crawford’s legend to another level. There’s Kyrie Irving. There’s Stephen Curry. But after seeing this, how can you not say JC has the league’s best handles?

Off the court, it’s been Big Sean drawing the style points. His latest album is a killer, setting the stage for what could be an unreal year of music, and finally firmly entrenching him between the game’s elite like Drake, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar. We also knew he had the talent to make this type of music — just check out every guest verse he’s obliterated for the past year or two — but it took growth, execution, and honesty to finally get to this point. A full album infused with dark, moody tones where he’s unafraid to express his doubts, if you’re listening to one album right now, it needs to be this one.

In this week’s Style Points: Jamal Crawford Is the Real Bone Collector; Big Sean Takes on the World.

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