Style Points: Indiana Gets the NBA’s Coolest Uniforms; Joe Haden Celebrates an Insane Sneaker Collection

With the month of August just around the corner, things are starting to slow down in the NBA offseason with teams getting a good idea of what their rosters will look like in the coming season. The 2016 betting odds favor the Cleveland Cavaliers (that’s if LeBron and Co. manage to stay healthy) to win it all, with the San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors trailing not too far behind, sitting at second and third (respectively) atop the odds. Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves though; the offseason is still going on.

You would think that the women of USA soccer would set precedent for the men by bringing home the gold, right? Not so much as they finished with third place in the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup after being beat out by upstart Jamaica, who made a rousing run into the final where they fell just short of soccer goliath, Mexico. Still, it was good run for the Reggae Boyz as they exceeded expectations and instilled pride/confidence in their team going forward.

The MLB Hall of Fame quartet this season was definitely a memorable one. Craig Biggio, John Smoltz, Randy Johnson, and Pedro Martinez all earned the honor among the immortals. No surprise that Pedro Martinez, who was the second native Dominican to be inducted into Cooperstown, stole the show with his charisma and sometimes snuggly demeanor. He showed his badge of honor by rolling in the ceremony wearing an electric blue jacket with patches of the Dominican Republic and the United States on each shoulder. When you’ve earned your stripes in Cooperstown, you can stunt as hard as you want in any fashion you want.

Check out all of that and more here. In this week’s edition of Style Points: Indiana Gets the NBA’s Coolest Uniforms; Joe Haden Celebrates an Insane Sneaker Collection.

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Paying homage to the “storied history of Indiana basketball” and of course the movie Hoosiers, the Indiana Pacers will wear the Hickory Hoosiers uniform in a few games this season as a part of the NBA Pride Collection. George Hill is shown here in the Bush League-inspired uniform doing his best Jimmy Chitwood impersonation. I wonder what uniform the defenders will wear when matched up against them.

George Hill

Training camp has opened for many teams in the NFL. Antonio Brown ended all speculation and chatter around him possibly holding out as he styled into camp in a Steelers-inspired Rolls-Royce Phantom. The private jet of all luxury automobiles, Antonio Brown sat back as he entrusted his brother to take the wheel. It was later revealed that the car was a promotional loaner, which makes it even cooler if you ask me.

Antonio Brown

Remember those days of streetball when you’d watch Jamal Crawford drop in on a game and think, “Man, that boy’s nice!” Judging by the looks of this highlight reel from the Seattle Pro-Am, Crawford hasn’t lost a step or any handle as Father Time catches up to him. He wasn’t the only one putting in work. Zach LaVine, who’s becoming a regular here at Style Points, put in some work himself. (It’s going to be interesting to see how his game has progressed in the coming NBA season.)

It’s no secret that NFL athletes have some hops on ‘em. Tony Gonzalez made a career off dunking over the crossbar before the league banned the act in 2014. Le’Veon Bell, in a video posted to his Twitter account, gets in on the “Hoop Dreams” saga with a few self-thrown alleys under the caption “two feet or one foot…doesn’t even matter!” Note taken.

What’s amazing about this crossover and shot is the fluidity of Thon Maker’s handle and shot. This guy is a 7-1 top 10 high school basketball recruit who may have a bright future ahead of him playing college ball and maybe the league. What’s even more hyped in this video is the crowd’s reaction. Have to quote my main man Jesus Shuttlesworth here: “Basketball is like poetry in motion, cross the guy to the left, take him back to the right, he’s fallin’ back, then just J right in his face. Then you look at him and say, ‘What?’”

Thon Maker

Hilarious. How is this even allowed? I don’t know…but I do know a few pitchers that wouldn’t take well to this dude’s antics on the field and might ply a fastball straight to this dude’s face. All fun here, though. Much style. Represent.

Japanese HS hitter

The Cleveland Browns cornerback gives us a tour of his “new and improved sneaker closet.” He shows off some T-Macs, Vicks, Cork LeBrons, and some worn-in Jordan XVIIs that he vows to get repaired soon. In a surprising plot twist, he goes from his “normal closet” to his “exclusive closet” where he shows off some customs, which include a black pair of Marty McFlys. To close off the show, he shows off his designer kick game. Much respect, man. Much respect.