Style Points: Gordon Hayward Usurps the King; Aaron Rodgers Shows Why He’s the NFL’s Best Player

  • Aaron Rodgers
    Aaron Rodgers

    Rodgers recently sliced and diced Chicago to the tune of six first-half touchdowns, which tied an NFL record, and ran away from the rival Bears for a 41-point win. The game wasn’t even that close.

    From Big Ben to Tom Brady, it seems like every other quarterback in the NFL has had their time in the sun this season. But still, Rodgers IS the best player in the NFL and in this one he did more than prove it. He sent a warning to the rest of the league: Y’all can’t touch me.

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  • Gordon Hayward

    Gordon Hayward is a major fantasy sleeper but he went above and beyond during Utah’s recent home win over the stumbling Cavs. Not only did he go at the King, LeBron James, he won too.

    Look at everything he did on ‘Bron: He crossed him up and finished at the rim. He blocked his shot and dunked on the ensuing fast break. Then to top it off, he knocked down the J at the buzzer to win, AFTER losing James on a screen. This was a career night for a young stud.

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  • Alexis Sanchez

    Alexis Sanchez is one of the best soccer players in the world but even still, it’s hard to give an assist to yourself. That’s what he did here though, finishing a second free kick — before it even hit the ground. This is super rare. You could watch soccer your whole life and not see something like this.

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  • Wale



    Wale is one of the few legit rapper sneakerheads. He knows about the hustle, about the culture. So when he says he wants to give away a pair of “True Blue” Air Jordan IIIs, you listen. You take him seriously.

    Wale was at the Wizards’ home opener this year MC-ing the introductions, and actually went through with his promise, blessing some kid with these kicks. That’s dope.

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  • Shane Victorino


    Shane Victorino

    Shane Victorino might be baseball’s biggest sneakerhead. But even if he isn’t, you need to admit no one is bringing out the custom PEs like this dude does.

    Just within the last month, he’s flaunted these teal custom Air Jordan XIs, an all-white custom job of the Yeezys, some sexy “Crown Royal” Jordan Vs, and a collection of his Oregon-inspired Jordans. I can’t even imagine having all this heat.

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  • K.J. McDaniels

    We don’t want to say we told you so, but we kind of did. Not only is McDaniels a big-time fantasy sleeper this year, especially for the season’s second half. He’s also a legit building block for a young Philly team that could use many more of them.

    McDaniels is known for two things: defense and athleticism. He put the latter on display here, catching a sick lob from Tony Wroten and finishing in style — plus the foul — over Orlando’s Maurice Harkless.┬áHave ALL the style points, sir.

    He also did this.

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  • Brent Grimes

    The Dolphins might’ve blown a late lead in Detroit recently, but cornerback Brent Grimes was on his game. First of all, he played Calvin Johnson pretty straight up most of the game, and did a better than decent job. But he’s getting these style points because of this absurd interception in the second quarter, when the Lions were threatening to break the game open.

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  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Gordon Hayward
  • Alexis Sanchez
  • Wale
  • Shane Victorino
  • K.J. McDaniels
  • Brent Grimes

For most of the season, Aaron Rodgers and Gordon Hayward have flown under the radar of their respective leagues. For Hayward, it makes sense. While Utah has bushels of young talent, the team still isn’t that great, struggling to stay near .500 in a stacked Western Conference. Hayward still isn’t an All-Star yet, either. But for Rodgers, it makes less sense. This is the best player in the NFL. How do we always seem to forget about him?

Well, both of them showed up in big ways recently. We’ll start with Hayward, who dethroned the King in about the worst way possible. During a Jazz win at home over Cleveland, the 6-8 forward “LeBron’ed” LeBron, blocking his fast-break layup. He also lost him with a slick jab step at another point in the game, and then finally finished off his sick foray with a game-winning buzzer-beater as James hit the deck. Best game of his life? It has to be up there.

Then there’s Aaron Rodgers, who lit up Chicago so badly that we almost felt bad for Jay Cutler. Almost. Six first-half touchdowns. How is that even possible? Despite all the theatrics other signal-callers have had this year, look at the efficiency numbers. This dude is far and away the top QB.

Style Points at The Drop is never about what you do but how you do it. And all of these guys went above and beyond. Today in Style Points: Gordon Hayward Usurps the King; Aaron Rodgers Shows Why He’s the NFL’s Best Player.

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