Style Points: Draft Night, Jorts & Backflips

  • Marcus Smart

    Much has been made of Andrew Wiggins‘ awe-inspiring NBA Draft night suit. It’s almost impossible to top floral print. But I have to say Marcus Smart came pretty close.

    It’s extremely hard to pull off purple, and doubly as hard to look good rocking a purple coat and a light blue bow-tie. (That was the new fad this year as everyone from Wiggins to Julius Randle ditched the traditional for the bow-tie look.) But Smart did it, once again proving how “grown man” he is.

    Boston is super excited to have the 6-4 bulldozer point guard, in part because he’s a competitor, mature, and ready to play right away. He certainly looked the part at the Barclays Center during the draft, conducting himself as if he was a 10-year vet and a five-time All-Star.

    The dark-rimmed glasses and sparkling watch top it all off.

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  • Pigalle x Nike Air Raid
    Victor Cruz

    Victor Cruz has long been one of the NFL’s most stylish figures. From his salsa dances on the field to what he wears off of it, Cruz turned himself into a household name and an “almost” reality TV star in just a few short years.

    This summer, fresh off a 73-catch season, the wideout is taking a fashion and cultural tour around Europe. He also recently flossed his ridiculous sneaker influence by posting a photo of the upcoming collaboration between the Nike Air Raid and Pigalle. For now, we still don’t know what the release will be like, or when it’ll even happen, but thanks to Cruz, we know what it looks like.

    In the meantime, Cruz has been documenting his cultural travels through his Instagram. He’s proving — again — that there’s no NFL athlete like him.

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  • James Harden

    Wait! Hold on! I thought jorts were dead? Apparently, no one told James Harden. The NBA All-Star showed up to a recent Houston Astros game rocking some rough-up joints that didn’t look good at all… until he stepped in to throw the first pitch, and almost nailed it. (50, take notes.) Now, suddenly, the jorts look good, like something only Harden can pull off… sort of like his beard.

    Part of being a trendsetter is trying things no one else will, and Harden’s funky, eccentric style is the perfect palette for bringing the jorts back. The fact that he nearly threw a strike helps the cause, too.

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  • Tim Howard
    Tim Howard

    Tim Howard was an absolute monster during Team USA’s 2-1 loss to Belgium in the World Cup Round of 16. During the second half, he single-handedly kept the Americans in it, stopping shot after shot with the Belgium squad living around the goal. All in all, the U.S. might’ve lost in the first overtime period, but Howard had 16 saves, more than anyone has had in any World Cup game in over 50 years.

    The keeper was so good that afterward some fan changed his Wikipedia page to “Secretary of Defense of the United States of America.” The Internet went one better, erupting into a meme frenzy behind the hashtag #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave. Howard may never play in another World Cup game, but his legacy is forever intact after that performance.

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  • Logan Hutton

    Catching two footballs at once while doing a backflip might not do much for you on the field. But it’s super fun to watch.

    At the end of the day, sports are entertainment and while Minnesota’s 6-1 senior wide receiver Logan Hutton can’t do this in a game, don’t tell me it isn’t amazing. I’m the guy who’ll watch basketball dribbling videos all day on YouTube, staring at moves you can’t pull off in games without a whistle. Backflipping while catching two balls is one of the coolest things I’ll see all summer.

    Hutton saw action in 13 games last year, catching three passes and even seeing some defensive action. Hopefully now that the world’s witnessed what he can do, he’ll start seeing more action for the Gophers. This tops any one-handed grab I’ve ever seen.


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  • Marcus Smart
  • Pigalle x Nike Air Raid
  • James Harden
  • Tim Howard
  • Logan Hutton

It’s not always about what you do but how you do it. That’s true in all aspects of life, but doubly so when you’re talking about sports and entertainment. Was 2Pac one of the greatest rappers ever because he sold boatloads of records worldwide? No. He was a global icon for what he stood for, for his passion, for everything and everyone he represented.

Each week in Style Points, we’ll count down recent people who took their game and their swagger to another level. Whether it was wearing a fabulous suit to the NBA Draft, grabbing a super elusive sneaker collaboration or becoming the next coach of the Bucks, these five went above and beyond.

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