Style Points: Derrick Jones Is the Best High School Dunker You Will Ever See

  • Derrick Jones

    Derrick Jones is a 6-6 pole of a prospect who’s committed to UNLV as this year’s No. 22 player in the Class of 2015. That all sounds great. That’s exceptional. But where he really stands out is in the air. I’m not sure I’ve seen a high school kid who could dunk like this since Vince Carter. Kwe Parker is a beast — so was Shaquille Johnson — but Jones is out of this world.

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  • Vince Carter

    VC might be nearly 38 years old, a bench player averaging less than seven points. But he’s still the greatest dunker of all time and even someone with hops like Jones will probably never even come close to matching what Half-Man, Half-Amazing has done. Carter still has it too, as evidenced here by this facial he gave to Rudy Gobert of Utah.

    Then a few days later, Carter did it again.

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  • Carmelo Anthony


    Carmelo Anthony

    So it looks like Carmelo finally ditched the look. Thank you. If Anthony ever wants to see his name on this list, he should stick to looks like this one. A dope beanie with the denim cut and button-up? Solid look right here.

    New York may not be winning and Anthony might be out for longer than we anticipated, but ‘Melo is doing it right here.

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  • LeBron James Jr.

    Kill the excuses about how oh this is LeBron‘s kid. Of course he’s gonna be good! These highlights are still super impressive for anyone, let alone a 10-year-old child. The dribble moves, the left-handed layups, the buckets, I guarantee you couldn’t do this at this age. Props, lil’ man.

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  • Air Jordan 11


    Kawhi Leonard

    Leonard is currently out with a “very problematic” hand injury, but that won’t keep him from stunting in some incredible PE Air Jordan XIs. With deep blue accents and patent leather, these might be the best special editions sneakers we’ve seen all year.

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  • Nicki Minaj

    Nicki’s as big as anyone in the game right now and the emcee recently went on TNT’s “Inside the NBA” and shut it down by running through a cypher with Kenny, Shaq, Grant Hill, and Ernie. (Although she did get overshadowed by Ernie’s epic mic drop.)

    Charles Barkley was SUPER angry he missed all of this. Tell Nicki to throw him on the next album.

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  • Derrick Jones
  • Vince Carter
  • Carmelo Anthony
  • LeBron James Jr.
  • Air Jordan 11

Sorry Kwe Parker. Sorry Shaq Johnson. Sorry every other great dunker who’s come through the high school basketball ranks over the last few years. None of these cats are as ridiculous as Derrick Jones. The 6-6 UNLV prospect is another in a long line of high-flying, sky-walking wing players, from Vince to Gerald Green to Terrence Ross. He has it all and recently came out of nowhere — I have no idea how he was hiding these hops before — to dominate a high school dunk contest.

I can understand if these young cats coming up out here are studying this dude’s tapes. I did the same thing coming up with James “Flight” White. An Olympic-level athlete who just happened to play basketball, White was changing the game forever as a high schooler, double-pumping from the free throw line, jumping from beyond it, doing things that not even the greatest legends in NBA history could do.

White was the last teenager to make my jaw drop. Jones is the latest.

He’s not the only one showing out in Style Points this week, though. Remember, it’s all about how you do it rather than what you do. And everyone from Kawhi Leonard to Vince Carter to Nicki Minaj understands what that’s all about. With the new year underway, everyone is stepping up their game. But these peeps went above and beyond the rest of the competition. In this week’s Style Points: Derrick Jones Is the Best High School Dunker You Will Ever See.

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