Style Points: Derek Jeter’s Curtain Call and Hip-Hop’s New Powerhouse

  • Derek Jeter

    To end his career at Yankee Stadium, Jeter went 2-5 with a run and three RBI, the last of them coming with the score tied and one out in the ninth inning. Against Baltimore reliever Evan Meek, Jeter slapped a single into right, scoring pinch-runner Antoan Richardson for the game-winning run. It was so incredibly that fans are already jokingly (some not so much) saying it was scripted.

    THIS is how you conduct a send-off. Jeter can have style points for the rest of the year for this one. It’s not about what you do…it’s about how you do it. No one in baseball exemplified this more than the Captain.

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  • Kevin Durant

    So has Durant finally picked a legit nickname? After coming up with the horrific “The Servant” moniker last year, KD combined his hometown pride with his signature sneaker.

    Taking the nickname placed on one of his recent Nike KD7 colorways, and putting on the back of a custom Washington Nationals jersey, Durant finally dropped the bomb. We should all stick to Easy Money. No Durantula. No Slim Reaper. Easy Money. I like it.

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  • Evan Fournier
    Evan Fournier

    There are only two people in the world who can pull this haircut off. You probably know one of them — Neymar. Fournier might be the other.

    Orlando’s third-year swingman is looking to make the next step now that he’s off the crowded Denver backcourt. If he’s trying to standout among the comp, he’s doing a good job. Kudos for even trying this. To be a trendsetter, you gotta take chances.

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  • Clint and Leo

    Clint and Leo sounds like a solid band name, right? Judging by these videos, the duo probably wouldn’t even be that bad. World Cup hero Clint Dempsey recently unleashed his alter ego “Deuce” (his rap alias) on stage at the MLS Next party to celebrate the re-branding of Major League Soccer, as well as the release of EA Sports FIFA 15.

    While Dempsey kicked rhymes with Trae Tha Truth for about three minutes, Leonardo DiCaprio needed even less than that to make an impression. At a Los Angeles club celebrating a friend’s birthday, Leo caught the mike and spit a verse from “Scenario,” the longtime classic from A Tribe Called Quest. A good friend of Q-Tip, Leo had obviously heard the song a time or two.

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  • Marshawn Lynch

    Because he’s all ’bout that action, boss. Not even getting one of his dreads ripped out is going to stop Marshawn Lynch. It doesn’t even faze him.

    The dude only had 128 total yards against the defending AFC champs, while scoring two touchdowns, including the game-winner in overtime.

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  • Lance Stephenson

    Lance didn’t stop at just recording the freestyle.

    Earlier this summer, the Charlotte Hornets newest starting swingman dropped a pretty solid freestyle to Bobby Shmurda‘s epic summer hit, “Hot N*gga,” with lines like ”I been ballin’ hard since like the 5th grade/Watchin’ A.I. gettin’ 40 with the French braids.”

    That, however, wasn’t enough for him. The 24-year-old decided to release an official video too, complete with shots of him in the streets and in the gym. His attempt at rapping wasn’t quite Shaq, but definitely better than average for the NBA.

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  • Drake and LeBron

    Let’s forget for a minute that if LeBron ever decides to get into hip-hop, it’s most certainly going to happen at the behest of one of his idols, Jay Z. (His first legit public freestyle of course had to be backed by a Jigga track.) But if Drake had his way, he’d certainly put in some work with the King.

    Leaving the premiere of Starz’s LeBron-produced “Survivor’s Remorse” recently, Drake told the paparazzi to tell ‘Bron to “get at him” if he wants to make some music.

    The last time ‘Bron got behind the mic for five minutes, it was epic. Make it happen.

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  • Derek Jeter
  • Kevin Durant
  • Evan Fournier
  • Clint Dempsey
  • Marshawn Lynch
  • Lance Stephenson

There’s only one person that can start Style Points this week: Derek Jeter. When you close out a Hall of Fame career in the Big Apple the way he did? In his final at-bat? Come on, people. Even if you don’t like the Yankees — and I know more than a few Boston fans who still refuse to give Jeter his due as one of the greatest players of our generation — you have to recognize greatness when you see it.

Some athletes have that sixth sense. They can see the “moment” before anyone else. Jordan had it. So does his baseball protege.

Jeter was the highlight of the week, but he wasn’t alone in making moves. Kevin Durant showed off some swag…and a new nickname. (Finally). An Orlando Magic player shocked us all with a perfect Neymar impersonation. And, perhaps most importantly, celebrities and sports stars turned out cyphers and morphed into rap stars.

It’s a great time to be a sports fan now that we’re past the doldrums of August and the earliest September weekends. Baseball is ready for one of the most exciting postseasons in recent memory. Without the Red Sox or Yankees, we’re going to see new stars rise. NBA training camps are underway, and of course, the NFL is here. Takes some time away from updating your fantasy lineup and check out this week’s style stars because, remember, it’s not about what you do but how you do it.

Here is this week’s Style Points: Derek Jeter’s Curtain Call and Hip-Hop’s New Powerhouse.

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