Style Points: Damian Lillard Again Shows He Can Rap for Real; Michael Jordan Shows He’s Still Clutch

August, being the snooziest month of the sports year by far, is the perfect time to get all your last minute pool or ocean swimming dips in this summer and to give up the nagging of your fantasy leagues for some trips to the mall before it’s back to school. The month is dominated by regular season baseball as MLB teams look to get atop of their divisions and into postseason play. Let’s not jump too far ahead, though. NFL training camps are up and running; the NBA made its biggest step into Africa by hosting its first exhibition game in South Africa this past Saturday, and there’s plenty of baseball action on a nightly basis to get excited about.

Right now, the world’s enthralled by a rap spat between Toronto heavy hitter Drake and Philadelphia’s prestigious child Meek Mill. It turned out pretty one-sided, all thanks to Drake and his brain trust invoking sport legend Joe Carter and his famous walk-off home run in the 1993 World Series to beat the Philadelphia Phillies for the artwork to his diss track “Back to Back.” It was reported the Eagles, instead of showing some brotherly love to Meek, reveled in the diss track with the entire team yelling “Is that a world tour of your girl’s tour?” Done. Include Drake’s upcoming OVO Jordan Brand release, and the 6 God hasn’t taken a loss in weeks.

Everyone is wondering these days about ghostwriters, but at least for Damian Lillard, that’s a question he’ll never have to answer. See Dame’s latest raps, as well as more from Lance Stephenson, baseball’s hottest defensive play of the year, and more here in the latest edition of Style Points: Damian Lillard Again Shows He Can Rap for Real; Michael Jordan Shows He’s Still Clutch.

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Damian Lillard aka Dame DOLLA
The old saying about how every baller wanting to be a rapper and every rapper wanting to be a baller is still relevant. Who would have ever known that the kid Damian Lillard had flow, though? Hopefully he isn’t cutting back too much playing time with studio time, especially since he doesn’t have the help or presence of LaMarcus Aldridge in the paint anymore in Portland. Regardless, he’s the NBA’s best rapper, hands down, at least to us. The only one who has a claim otherwise is the new Clipper from Brooklyn…


Lance Stephenson
Besides making claims of being the best rapper in the league, Lance Stephenson was recently called out by someone in the bleachers while attending the “Battle of the Bridge” East New York Memorial Classic as a spectator. His suited up in response and dropped 25 points in 12 minutes, showing everyone why he deserves their respect.

Dude called me out while I was watching the game so I won the game for the home team 25 points in 12min

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Omar Infante and Alcides Escobar
Along the stretch of a long game, there’s always hope of a beautifully coordinated moment between second basemen and shortstops. This bare-handed, twirl-and-throw happened in the bottom of the ninth inning with Kansas City holding onto a one-run lead, which made the moment even more special for the Royals.


Hakeem Olajuwon and Dikembe Mutombo
The NBA made its greatest leap into Africa yet, playing its first exhibition game at Ellis Park Arena in downtown Johannesburg. It’s about time. Past and present greats all made the trip to South Africa but no moment was bigger than when The Dream and Deke suited up in throwback jerseys, affording us one great throwback moment in the present. No surprise that The Dream can still impress with some fancy footwork.


Michael Jordan and Jimmy Butler
When your peers consider you “la cabra” (GOAT), your past greatness lives on forever. I imagine, at his age, Michael Jordan’s only agenda is to stick it to younger players and remind them of his greatness whenever he can. Keeping it all fun, Jordan and Butler took part in a shooting contest at Michael Jordan’s Flight School this past weekend where MJ got the best of Butler and his partner, hitting the clinching buzzer-beater in the process. Always good to see the old guys do a little schooling every now and again.