Style Points: Damian Lillard Raps ‘Again & Again’ and Macklemore Gets Exclusive Jordans

  • Damian Lillard raps

    You may not have noticed, but Damian Lillard can really rhyme. He hosts #4BarFriday on his Instagram page and regularly drops ill lyrics on his fans. I’m talking almost every week. Considering most ballers can’t spit at all, Dame is right up there with Iman Shumpert and Marquis Daniels as the best in the game right now.

    But the Hustle and Drone dudes went to another level, incorporating Lillard’s bars into a little makeshift music video. They are apparently big Portland fans and are saying they tried to get lyrics that flowed well together. Job well done because on this one, Dame looks like he really does need to get behind the mic.

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  • Kyrie Irving

    Life is good right now for the Cleveland Cavaliers. They already look ready to ball out on the court, and were hitting the beaches of Brazil this preseason.

    Kyrie, on the other hand, shook up social media for a quick moment earlier this season when he appeared to be wearing a walking boot. Luckily, all is fine. Irving is still up to his old tricks too. Check out this walk-off half-court shot where Kyrie calls his own shot. Looking like the basketball Babe Ruth.

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  • Clemson football manager

    Over the past year, everyone from Julius Thomas to the USA National Team broke out the Shmoney Dance. But no one’s done it better than Clemson’s football manager, David Saville.

    After destroying N.C. State 41-0, the Tigers were predictably in a good mood back in the locker room and looking to blow off a little steam. Enter Saville. Homie had the Shmoney hat toss down pat and when he pulled it out, it was the ultimate mic drop. Salute.

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  • Air Jordan VI

    Macklemore stays getting laced with heat. One of the latest pairs that he showed off on Instagram was this exclusive all-green, all-suede Air Jordan VI. Are they an ode to his home state, Washington, the Evergreen State? Is it another Oregon-influenced pair? We’re not sure. We just want them really badly.

    A few days later, we got a look at another of his AJ6 custom joints, this time in all red. Unbelievable. The thirst is real for those ones.

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  • Matt Adams

    Hitting a home run in the playoffs to win a game for your squad? That’s big. But we can top that one here. Matt Adams laced a three-run bomb to effectively win the series for the Cardinals against the Dodgers. But wait…it gets even better. He hit this shot off of probably the best pitcher in the game, Clayton Kershaw. Ouch.

    The 25-year-old Adams has just 32 home runs combined over the last two years and yet he stepped up in the biggest moment of the season and came through. That’s true swagger. Kershaw will be hearing about this one all summer.

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  • Damian Lillard
  • Kyrie Irving
  • David Saville
  • Air Jordan VI
  • Matt Adams

Athletes all want to be rappers. I’m sure you’ve heard the cliche before. From Shaq to Iverson to Willie Beamen to even Deion Sanders, when you get this big and are on top of your profession, you feel like you can conquer the world. No one’s going to tell you no, so you stay with the t-rex arms and start reaching, reaching, reaching.

Damian Lillard is different, however.

Lillard, one of the NBA’s brightest young stars, actually can spit and isn’t scared at all to show out on the ‘gram. When he rhymes, we tune in not because we want to shake our heads but because it is actually really, really good. Dame gets style points not just for having no fear at all but for rapping like a long-time vet. Style Points, as always, isn’t about what you do but how you do it and Damian Lillard’s turn this week is the epitome of what that means.

Joining him is Macklemore, himself a great rapper in his own right. When you’re as famous as this cat, you get laced with all kinds of free stuff. As backwards as that might seem, Macklemore takes advantage with some truly outrageous and unique outfits. Recently, he got hit by Jordan Brand with a little present. We can’t lie–we’re jealous.

Get yourself ready for the fall weather by working on your rhymes, your dance moves, and your kick game. In this week’s Style Points: Damian Lillard Raps ‘Again & Again’ and Macklemore Gets Exclusive Jordans.

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