Style Points: Chris Paul Is the Forgotten NBA MVP; Trinidad James Wears Crazy Yellow Yeezys

Amid all of the attention standouts like Russell Westbrook and Stephen Curry have been receiving is the fact that neither one of them is the best point guard in the world. Despite everything they’ve done this year, despite Steph leading the NBA in All-Star votes on the best team in the NBA, despite Westbrook throwing up triple-doubles seemingly every other night without Kevin Durant, despite all of that, nothing’s changed since last year: This is still Chris Paul‘s position.

You almost have to feel bad for the guy. At nearly 30 years old, it sometimes feels like he’s been forgotten. CP3 has been so good and so consistent for so long that when he drops 41 and 17 on fellow All-Star Damian Lillard no one bats an eye. It’s expected. And that’s wrong.

Style Points is never about what you do but how you do it. No one proved that more over the past few weeks than the Clippers point guard, going from Internet sensation — and not in a good way — to the man no guard wants to see in the playoffs.

Outside of that, we saw Jeff Green reaffirm his status as the dunker that never gets enough love, as well as Odell Beckham Jr. reinforcing his own status as maybe the NFL’s best athlete.

In this edition of Style Points: Chris Paul Is the Forgotten NBA MVP; Trinidad James Wears Crazy Yellow Yeezys.

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CP3 is not going to win the MVP award this year. He probably won’t even finish in the top three. But that’s not his fault. It’s not his fault that everyone is busy fawning over Stephen Curry and James Harden and Russell Westbrook. Paul not only held the Clippers together this year without Blake Griffin for long portions, he’s also thrown up incredible numbers ever since All-Star Weekend: 21.9 points and 11.5 assists per game on 52/41/93 shooting splits.

Then there’s the whole rivalry with Steph Curry, which went to new levels during their past few meetings, considering Curry turned Paul into an Internet meme on numerous occasions. How did CP3 respond? By putting together maybe the best overall game of the season, going for 41 points (on 21 shots), 17 assists, five rebounds, and four steals during a statement road win over Portland and Damian Lillard. No words could’ve rang louder.

And then a few nights later, he did this:


Can we talk about Jeff Green for a second? Honestly, this dude has to be the NBA’s most underrated in-game dunker. He is constantly putting people on posters and yet all any fan wants to talk about is Blake Griffin…or Harrison Barnes…or Russell Westbrook. All of them are great but it’s Green who’s constantly unleashing the fury.

Only recently he had one of the dunks of the year when he went right through the Spurs front line. And yet he topped that one with what he did to Washington’s Kevin Séraphin.


Both of these cats deserve some love for the show they put on during Utah’s 20-point win in Minnesota. Why? They competed. They went at each other. As Gobert tweeted afterward, people who aren’t competitors wouldn’t understand. Wiggins caught the Jazz big man for a couple of facials and yet that didn’t stop the Stifle Tower from contesting and winning their third meeting at the rim.


We know OBJ can jump. We know he could probably excel at any sport he wanted. But it’s still always fun to see him hit the hardwood and show off a little game. During a recent trip to Duke’s Cameron Indoor Stadium, the Giants wide receiver showed that, despite being just 6-0, he has some serious hops.


Yellow Yeezy Boosts? I know Trinidad James is always stunting in something but this was next level, so much so that I’m surprised Kim K didn’t say something about it. (Remember what she said about Ben Baller’s customs?) For the Easter holiday, the rapper took the new signature sneaker from adidas and Kanye West and freaked it as only he can. Well done.

Trinidad James yellow adidas Yeezy Boost