Style Points: Baseball Editions of the Air Jordan 4; a New Sneaker Colorway for Kevin Durant

There’s freshness circulating with the NBA season just a week away and already, we have a few posterizations to get us on the edge of our seats. While the league hasn’t changed overall this year, there’s still a diversifying range of colorful personalities. The league is offering inclusive coverage through social media on top of whatever the players are already doing with their own personal accounts. There’s team value and then there’s individual value. Thanks to the NBA, we get a bit both.

We can’t wait to see what the players will be wearing both on and off the court. There are pictures already making the rounds of what sneakers the most important NBA players will be wearing on opening night–think Kevin Durant with a special “Opening Night” edition of the Nike KD 8 and LeBron with an “Away” colorway of the LeBron 13–and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Who knows what fashions Russell Westbrook will machinate, and perhaps even more interesting, what adidas Crazylight Boosts will “The Beard” debut during his first season with the 3-Stripes while we await word on a future signature shoe in “Project Harden?” Time will tell.

The NBA isn’t the only league that’s glazed with freshness this time around. DeAndre Hopkins of the Texans is asserting himself as one of the best receivers in the NFL, and while we’ve already seen Jordan Brand lacing NFL players with cleats, it now sets a target on the baseball mound as well.

In this edition of Style Points: Baseball Editions of the Air Jordan 4; a New Sneaker Colorway for Kevin Durant.

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The Jumpman’s stint in baseball could be summed up in the movie Space Jam. MJ struggled to hit a pitch even when he knew what was coming. Even though Jordan’s legacy on the diamond might have started without the same uproar as his basketball one, JB has been lacing key baseball players for years. Jeter. Sabathia. And recently, Jordan Brand laced up both David Price of the Toronto Blue Jays and Dexter Fowler of the Chicago Cubs with Royal Blue cleat versions of the Air Jordan IV. Pure flames.

Air Jordan 4 cleat
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Dexter Fowler Air Jordan 4
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Something tells me this is DeMarcus Cousins’ season for the taking. With everything that’s been made of his tough guy demeanor on the court, Cousins can only use all of it as added fuel for his game. This is his fifth year in the league and he’s only 25 years young, meaning that he’s already got the maturation time under his belt and all there is to do now is show up, post up, and dominate. While Charles Barkley may be his biggest critic, Cousins’ total aesthetic is fresh and unique. How many big men can pull off the joggers and Jordans look? That’s a rare quality.

Here, Cousins is jamming over Anthony Davis as if the latter was a nobody; that’s the gift of a special talent, making other great players look regular. Nothing DMC does is regular.

On paper, the Houston Texans have many bright spots on both ends–defensive end J.J. Watt, running back Arian Foster (with fresher legs, maybe)–but they’re still just 2-4. So why does anyone from that team deserve some extra love? Well, DeAndre Hopkins has gone above and beyond everyone’s expectations for him this season, developing, almost overnight, into perhaps the best wide receiver in the game.

Hopkins’ game is doing all the talking for him as he leads the league on multiple stat fronts. But the most important task for Hopkins this season might be boosting the confidence of whoever’s at quarterback, and seeing the way he and Brian Hoyer jelled this past weekend, who knows…the Texans may be equipped for a turnaround and Hopkins for a complete breakout season.

When he isn’t rocking some Yeezys off the field right now, Hopkins is completely stunting on defensive backs on it. This week against Jacksonville, he had multiple highlight catches, including one that’ll be on replays all season long.
DeAndre Hopkins
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Kevin Durant will be under a microscope this season as the expectations for the Oklahoma City Thunder are championship or bust. It won’t be easy seeing that the West is still a tough bulwark to get over, but after injuries cut last season short, Durant has a huge chip on his shoulder.

Talk is just that, so to get started anew (the right way), the first place you start with is a fresh a pair of kicks. Like Durant, the KD 8 has the reputation of being great on the court and they’re back in the perfect OKC Thunder team colorway to ensure Durant gets off on the right foot. He did, at least in his first game rocking the “Creamsicle KD 8,” scoring 23 in 31 minutes in a win over Denver in the preseason. (And doing much of that work against Wilson Chandler, who just so happened to be wearing the KD 8 “Hunt’s Hill Sunset” edition.)

Kevin Durant Nike KD 8 Creamsicle
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